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Pathetic performance V:460 Q:780 AWA awaited should be >4


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hi all of u,

I am from India and I recently took my GRE and TOEFL exams..Toefl unofficial score reads 217-270...

Writing section of GRE was OK...first verbal section was also fine..But Quant was really tougher than I had taken in any of my preparatory tests(i used to get 800 in the practice tests)..Questions were all calculative and unfortunately because of my overcautituosness in the beginning I cudn't attempt one question at the end..And the most terriific was the last verbal section which I diid very badly..The passage as the 3rd question was quite tough.. and that screwed my time managemnt in a big way..


But I know the thing is over and I hav this bad score of 1240 with me..Being in Electronics and Communication Engg, situation seems even more grim to me...


I wanted to know if I stand any chance to get call for MS from any 30 US university. I have a cgpa of 8.61/10 and done projects in Parallel processing/Wi-Fi/Adhoc wireless networking...I have also attended HPC asia conference and did workshop on parallel programmiung at CDAC,India...


Will my projects,CGPA,SOP,recommendation be able to compensate for a very low score...


I ud be very greatful for your kind help and suggestions,



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congrats for completing GRE :-)))))


forget the V score your Q score is good, your whole profile looks very promising. do devote sum quality time on SOP nd recos.


I believe you can get admit in a good univ but top 20 looks difficult.

also many top schools require GRE subject test as mandatory so keep an eye on tht too.


Best of Luck :-))))



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Hey Vinay...

Many top schools say Subject GRE is preferred....So is there any chance of getting admitted in any of these without subject GRE (with 1410+5.0 in GRE and 227-283 in TOEFL and a good academic preformance)??

I have 2 years work experience in Software Industry but my back ground is Electrical Engineering.

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Thats true! I don't have any problems in taking subject test.

Its just that the deadlines are near and I haven't registered for subject test.

I don't think there's enough time left for me to register now,prepare and then wait for applying....

Rather, I would try out without subject test!

Lets see what happens....

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hi MS,


Univs tht say Subject test preffered generally accept students without them especially those after the top 25. So dont worry abt it. But yea as psyoutlaw said tht subject test makes you one step ahead of others, but you have to get good score in tht also othrwise it can b detrimental.


but I believe you will easily get admission in good university even without subject test. you have good GRE & TOEFL score. I dont think your elctrical background will trouble you in admission, thts the good quality of US education tht it is so very flexible.


One more thing your experience will help you a lot especially if its in your chosen major field.


Work on your SOP,recoz and other stuff they also matter a lot.


Best of Luck dude :-)))))



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