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A How To for the GRE (by flounder)


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yuvaraj from chennai. i have got some problems on my gre prep... and i need expert advice from u..


1. I could nt really find interest in doin that WHOOPIN:mad: 3500 Barron's lists...its kinda gettin on my nerves when i put some hard work today but i forget the word the very next day... How am i supposed to go abt that Barrons word list?

2. Without finishing the word lists shudnt i start workin on other parts e.g. Analogies, RC?

3. i have got three months more but i still havent started seriously workin on GRE... can u please give me some tips to start workin?


please dude... do smth... its a career at stake for me...

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Thanks Ali,

Thats really some work done.

I have a problem to discuss, i have given GRE once last year and wana give again because i got low score (1170- 760Q 410V) I wanted to ask if it would be of any extra help if i would give subject tests instead of simple GRE this time (I wanna go for CS). and also can you give me some moral boosting tips to help me start my preparations again.


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gr8 post dude really set me whole clear cut idea of how 2 prep for the whole exam is

esp u said abt flash cards really a wonderful experience of learnin words using that .actually it is working very effectively for me i have finished lewis word power easy book and then i picked barrons and i started using this flash cards .amzing experience of learnin words..

gr8 post keep it up ....[clap] [clap] :tup: :tup:

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Hi Ali,


Thanks for your detailed reply to my query about GRE essays. It really sounds as if u've mulled over the matter. :D


Sorry about replying so late but I've been having problems with my net connection due to which I haven't been able to visit the forum.


Oh, sorry for replying so late myself too :) ... Hope you got admissions at all the places you wanted :)

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hi ali,

thanks for your post...really it is very much helpfull to us who are now starting their preparation for gre.....

i was very confused to select the proper way to take the preparation for gre....

Ali, at this time I have only the book of Barron's guide....may I start with the 350 high frequency wordlist of this book??can you tell me how much time should it take to prepare this 350 words?

waiting for your reply..



I guess its too late to make a difference now, but I think you can cover the high frequency words in a week at most, with 50 words per day, assuming ofcourse you have other things to do in the day :)

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hi ali..

loved your post mate. gr8 work. hope I can put some to use..

have a couple o queries though.

1) I have about 5 weks to go for my GRE and i'm still in the 500's in verb.

got any suggestions on how to get that score up? i'm breaking my head over the barrons wordlist. how useful is the high freq list?

2) how important is probability in quant?

loking frwd to your reply.


Hehe, well from what I remember, you would typically get at most 1-2 questions on probability but in most likelihood none. However probability in grad school is a whole different thing. If you are in CS/EE etc, you'd probably eat, drink, and gargle in probability :)

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Hi Ali,

congrats on you r terrific performance .I also would like to appreciate your taking out time( and your patience) to write out that eloquent post on taking the GRE.I think it is a great eye opener for the rest of us future GREites out there.

All the best for your goals.




Hi Jyothi,


Sorry for the rather late reply. I am blaming my advisor for that :) ... Anyway, thanks for your wishes. I hope your GRE went fine :)


Please call me moz



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hello,i am new here.I am in big trouble with GRE.I dont know what to do,where to start from.I am reeeading barrons wordlist only,is it sufficient?:shy:i have questions ...1.how to start GRE.2.how to take preparations for quantitative part?3.i want to give GRE after 3months,is it adequate?anybody with[heartbeat]please help me.i give TOEFL recently ,and the range is223-277.Feeling like that this is end of the world:(hheeeelllpppp[bounce]


But the world didn't end. Hope you did fine :)

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Thanks a lot Ali....


You know im a starter for GRE and was terribly bogged down by the abstract websites provided by the net....


All ending iwth a tag of 25 $ or so....


Yours was the most cool guidance i got till now....


I even took a printout of ur advice....


Thanks a lot man


Hey Can u also tell me how to find out the right kinda university for me....


I mean i went to usnews.com and got the list....


I also went to the websites of some of the colleges....


Can u tell me some site where i can get the finances worked out....


Also plz gimme sum idea regardin the financial aid and how much can i get....


As i told u.... since im new to it.... i dont have much idea about things....


So id be grateful if u cud help me out....


Hi Forrest Gump (which is one of my favorite movies btw :) ) but anyway, thanks for your wishes and feedback. I really appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply.


Some advice in general for everyone. Well the first thing you should figure out is what makes you tick. I know its easier said than done, but graduate school is a LOT of work, and I can't put more emphasis on that. If you are in the Ph.D program, thats like 5-6 years of sleepless nights, advisor grumbles, research roadblocks and what not. I do not wish to scare anyone off, but the point is that its easy to get boggled down by the scale of things. So first figure out what makes you tick. If you feel research is your calling, go for it. It might turn out to be rewarding. That brings us to a related question: what is it that you are looking for in your graduate school experience. Do you want to take the financial pressure and potential rewards of going to a top school? Its a catch-22 situation. The better school you apply to, the more the chances of getting financial assistance. Public universities like Berkeley, UIUC, UW Madison etc generally have more assistantships at Masters level but more people applying for them. For engineering majors, some options you have involve looking for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, the latter both with professors or in semi-independent research labs that universities have.

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hi ali


cool msg dude

u researched a lot, i should have known this site few months ago, well i know about 2000+ words and have to start with maths, im facing few probs in analogies and sentence completion, any tips or any panacea reg the matter



ur msg was really awesome




Thanks Ankush :)

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Hey Ali




Thanks a lot for such a comprehensive details, I just posted a question regarding how to prepare, your thread really helps


I come from non math background and have not done math since last 7-8 years to be precise not after 10th grade so what do u suggest ? is there any book which might help me prepare for quantitative




Thanks and best of luck with your admission process.




Hi Soni


Sorry for the late reply. I know you are probably through with your GRE by now, but for those still preparing, I would recommend the quantitative review in Kaplan, and then Barrons in that order ...





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ur preparations guide is a great help. I am to appear for GRE on NOV. 10 i have done barron's so far . what all could i do in the time that i have left? i haven't given practice tests so far. how should i go about that? also i want to make optimum use of this time i have. advise me on how to do that?




Hey Penny


I guess I already know you did pretty well ;)


All the best



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