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People listen to music for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice

Music has played an important role on human beings since ancient times . For many people , music is the most important thing in their lives . There are many reasons why some people feel music as the most enjoyable and important activity during their staying on earth . Music can relax and distract people from their problems . Moreover music can affect people´s feelings . Finally music is an important component of the culture of a certain region or country.

Sometimes when people listen music, they can forget all their problems. There are certain kind of people that like to listen music after a difficult and stressful day in their jobs. By doing this , they can enter into a state of relaxation which therefore may lead them to forget for a moment all their problems of the day.

Besides while people listen to music they can experiment a lot of different feelings such as happiness , sadness and fear among others . Music can interfere in Such a great manner on people´s feelings . For example , picture films use different kind of music in a particular moment of the film , all depends on the type of the scene They can use loving music for a romantic scene or on the other hand they can use suspense music when the producer wants to provoke a feeling of fear an terror. Without the appropiate music , a film could not impact the audience in the same way This example shows how the music can affect a person´s feelings just by listening to it.

Finally , in some countries or regions in the world , Music is one of the principals components of the people´s culture and idiosyncrasy . For citing an example; in my country , Mexico, the most well-known and representative music, is called “mariachi”. Many people around the world know our music . When Mexico plays soccer in other places of the world , like she did in the World cup of soccer in France 1998 ,some foreign people even know to the lyrics of the songs we sing while our country is playing soccer. This shows, not only how music can play and important role in the culture of some countries but also how can be possible to listen a certain type of music and inmediately think about a region or country of the world.

In conclusion , music is important due to the qualities it has , such as being an important way of relaxation , having the characteristic to influence on people feelings and finally being and important component in the culture of a country.