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Can you imagine the life of the person who cannot read and write today? As for me, I cannot.
I am absolutely sure that reading and writing skills are more important today than in the past.
These skills are necessary in the work nowadays, and people could live in the past without ability to read and write. Also, today these skills provide us with great opportunity to explore various fields of study.

First of all, today an illiterate person would have very difficult life because he could not have any good job. Almost everywhere reading and writing are in demand.
I cannot imagine the profession that does not require an ability to read or write. May be just slave work does not require these skills. Also, without reading you cannot receive education.
Moreover, you would not be able to use computer and computer is an inherent part of modern life. So, reading and writing abilities are essential today.

Second, reading and writing was not so important in the past as today. Before industrial revolution people could live without these skills. For example,
peasants must just farming and they had not literature about farming. Also, craftsmen could transmit their knowledge to their students without these skills.
They could just show how to work well.

Finally, learning opportunities are much better today than it was in the past. We could use the Internet. The Internet provides people with unlimited learning abilities. Today
I could go to my university virtually. I can just sit in my room and listen to the lecturer and watch what he is writing in the blackboard. Also, today we have a lot of books. In the past,
on the other hand, we had not such abundance of books.

To sum up, I want to say that reading and writing skills are necessary to have good quality of life today. These skills are important almost at any work and they give us good opportunities to learn more today.

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