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Thread: Essay: Learning about life by listening to advice or through personal experience

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    Essay: Learning about life by listening to advice or through personal experience

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    Please help me to comment on my essay. I am practicing my writing skill but I do not know how I should do to improve it more now. Welcome everybody's comments or suggestions. Thanks guys so much.

    Topic: Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice of family and friends. Other people believe that the best way of learning about life is through personal experience. Compare the advantages of these two different ways of learning about life. Which do you think is preferable? Use specific examples to support your preference?

    Experiences in work and life are integral and valuable for everybody so that they can understand about life and find the best way to have a good life. People can get experiences by many ways, for instance, from the experiences of family, friends or from their direct personal experiences. Each way has its own advantages that could be listed as below. Between listening to the advice of family, friends and learning through personal experience, I prefer the later for some reasons.

    First of all, the advice of family and friends has a lot of benefits to us. The life is large and diverse, but we are still too young, so we can not get a lot of experiences in a short period. The experiences from the others, such as: friends, family and especially the older persons will give us a comprehensive view on everything around us. We can get many experiences from many aspects of life in such a short time. Therefore, it helps us avoid getting into troubles or even risks due to the lack of understanding and experience.

    The second way to get experience is through personal experience. It is also an useful way because what we learn by ourselves is what we remember and understand the most clearly and thereby learn the most thoroughly. In addition, we cannot believe completely in any others’ point of view because each person has different ideas on life. If we follow all the others’ ideas, perhaps we will be confused that we do not know what is true, what is wrong and what we need to listen to.

    Because I am still young and I do not have many life experiences, I prefer to listen to the others’ experience. I think that it is the best way for me to get many experiences quickly. For example, when I first graduated from university and got a new job, I knew nothing about the working environment. I needed to know how to get on well with new colleagues or how to achieve the good work result. My family members and friends are the persons who are familiar to working environment at the office, so they easily told me what I should or should not do. Therefore, I could have an advantageous start and avoid many initial mistakes at work. And talking with friends and family only took shorter time than experiencing by myself which would take a few months or years at least.

    Learning a lot of experiences from many facets of life in a short time is the major advantages which make me choose this way to learn experience. Whenever I get difficulties or problems in work or life, sharing with friends and family is the way I choose to release my worry and find a better way to go. Actually, I am so happy to have such a wonderful family and reliable friends.

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    Re: Essay: Learning about life by listening to advice or through personal experience

    Learning is fun! There is no fun though if it gets harder to understand. It is possible to learn through a game, which makes it more fun. If the one who teaches you is good at teaching, there should be no difficulties with understanding whatsoever. There are also various methods how to learn so the process seemed to be easier. Essay On Learning: 18 Advices How To Learn Easily | findwritingservice.com The article above provides with advice on how to learn so it was enjoyable and fun. Enjoy reading, enjoy learning, it is fun!!

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