Topic: Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parentsí generation ?

Differences Between Two Subsequent Generations

Each generation of people has own characteristics because of the life conditions in its belonging era. Even though many people believe that there is a slight difference between our generation and our parentsí generation, there is no doubt in my mind that the difference is huge both in positive and negative ways such as lazyness, having knowledge of life and universe, sensitivity to environment.

First of all, I am convinced that our generation is lazier than my parentsí generation. This aspect can be captured easily by observing life style of our generation. Generally, we consume our time with enjoyable things instead of highly important issues such as research or making artifacts. For example, we run out of most of our time by online games in high-tech telephones or tablets.

Another important aspect is that our generation has incredible knowledge with regard to life and universe whereas knowledge of my parentsí generation about these issues is very limited. Undoubtedly, this difference is sourced by developing education systems day by day in the world. Another reason is the power of internet. In todayís world, people can reach information about anything from online databases. However, previous generation of people could only access the same information in libraries by long literature reviews which take too much time.

Lastly, our generation of people is run out of natural sources rapidly. Previous generation has an adorable sensitivity with regard to environmental issues. For instance, my mother always pays attention to turning off the light when it is not necessary. It is my firm belief that next generation will undergo severe problems regarding natural sources such as water, forests etc.

In conclusion, even though our generation has some good aspects like having knowledge in many issues because of easy access to information, unfortunately, we are not as developed as previous generation in terms of humanitarian issues.