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In the lecture, the narrator suggests that reducing workload from 5 days to 4 days won't affect the economy, which is contradictory to the reading passage. According to the narrator to hire new Employees needs more money for training, medical benefits, more computers and more office space. which will cut down on company profits and this may cost more money than retaining the same no of employees for 5 days work.

Besides, reading states that shortened weekend will increase company profits as their employee feel more rested and relaxed so they will likely to make less error in their work but narrator thinks that company may ask their 4-day employees to work overtime to complete the 5-day work in 4-days. this will make the current job more unpleasant and this won't create additional jobs too.

In the end, the reading passage states that 4 days employees will have more free time in exchange for their lower salary this could improve their quality of life by spending more time with family members, pursuing private interests and enjoying leisure activities but narrator says that 4-days employee would risk their job stability and also advancement in their career path because they may lose their jobs in economic downturn . They may also be passed over promotion too because the company will prefer 5-day employee for the management position as they can give more time for consistent supervision.