Please Grade my below essay, it's an independent task for Toefl.

Topic: People benefit from traveling in their own country than from traveling to the foreign country.

I agree that traveling in the own country as well as the foreign country benefit people in various ways. traveling in the own country used to know in depth about own country different flavors. Foreign country traveling used to know about a different culture and lifestyle.

Traveling in its own country is advantageous in many terms first it's very cheap to travel in the same country.
we can easily communicate with local people so it's easy to bargain. this gives a deep knowledge about our own culture, lifestyle, and food. In our own country, it's easy to visit a place more than once because it's cheap and easily accessible. visiting a place more than once enable us to experience the same thing with the different point of views and angles. More information shall enable us to share it with others which will result into increased tourism in our country, this will affect our economy and finally, it will be used as the welfare of our country people.

Traveling in a foreign country is helpful for getting worldwide knowledge. this introduces us to know about different culture, lifestyle, and their local food taste. we meet different type of peoples, mostly we come across communication problem but at the same time we communicate with those local people in terms gesture, different sound words. so it enable us to express ourselves in more creative ways. Now the day's lots of information is present on the internet, we can browse for foreign location on the internet too, but experiencing it
physically is a unique and mindblowing experience which can't be experienced through looking in the pictures on the internet.

so overall traveling has lots of advantage in terms of knowledge, experience the beauty of different places and economical benefits.