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The topic is:
Movies are popular all over the world. Explain why movies are so popular. Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Entertainment, which is the art of making the time more interesting and painfulness, has been one of the most important activities in cultures. In early times, it was achieved in many different ways: the joker in big kingdoms, the Olympic games in Greek culture, and the celebrations and parties in Rome empire. Nowadays, entertainment has evolved into movies, submerging people’s life into different histories, roles, and dramas, contributing to forget people’s problems and sufferings. In my opinion, movies have become too popular due to the easiness of access and the wide range of topics covered.

Firstly, Movies are in any single place of the world, from homes to nearly any place on earth. The easiness of watching movies is a result of today’s technologies achievements. Novel smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart tv, and laptops, which are used broadly by a high percentage of the population, allow people to enjoy their preferred movies anywhere and almost at any time.

Additionally, there are many movie’s categories, like romantic, drama, scare, kids, documentary, and others, that satisfy a huge number of people preferences. Moreover, the searching mechanism has been improved by new multimedia platforms like Netflix, Amazon Movies, Youtube, and so on, allowing the movie’s lovers to find out what they want.

To summarize, movies have become very popular as a result of the easy access and the broad range of topics covered, giving satisfaction to a high percentage of the demand.