Question : Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible.Other young adults prefer to live with their families for a longer time. Which of these situations do you think better?

From time of even the foragers, young adults have stayed in the guidance and sight of their parents. Living and staying under guidance of family nurtures a bond and intimacy amongst members and younger ones, in particular, as it helps in moulding and imparting a sense of oneness and love for family members amongst the young adults. In my opinion, it is wise for young adults to stay with their family for a longer time. It only helps both the younger ones and the family as well in long run.

First of all, when the younger ones stay with the family, they can directly share their problems wit hthe more experienced and elder family members. There are instances where younger ones stayng away from family and being bullied upon by colleagues or schoolmates often gets depressed as they donot have anyone to share their feelings with. In such case presence of family members is always supportive to younger adults. Adolescent is also a ripe age for young adults to walk on a wrong path, the close watch of family does counters any possibilty of such likes.

Second, itís not only the younger adult that are benefitted but also the family as well when the younger section stays along. With technological improvement, there is a huge gap developing between the newer and older generation. The presence of younger ones in family does help the elder ones in tackling the day to day tasks like online shopping, reserving a flight and so. Also, The pesence of young ones adds colours to life and motivates the elder ones to stay happy and joyous. While the elder ones are not able to take care of themselves the presence of young ones does add a hand in the care, when in need.

In conclusion, The sense of oneness and the support of family members can never be debated. Togetherness of a family is like a bunch of sticks that is hard to bend but when the sticks are dispersed individually, each can be easily broken. Younger adults should stay with family members for as long as possible, for the pressure of jobs and career advancement is going to take them away one day or the other. And then both side will be left all alone on their own self.