It is my 3rd and 4th TOEFL essay. I am having my TOEFL on Feb-14, so please review it ASAP.


Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

It is a well known fact that new knowledge assimilated by the human mind, is better retained and utilized effectively, only by having a constant touch with it. We learn many new things everyday, especially at school or college and the only way to save time during exam days is by doing regular homework and assignments.

Homework and Assignments, though the very words are dreaded by many students, is very important activity from a student's perspective. First, doing our homework and assignments regularly, one is able to have a better understanding of the subject that he or she is studying. In the class, one may feel that he has understood the concept thoroughly, but the moment they try to solve a problem, they realize that they are practically not aware of anything, and they will get a lot of doubts. When they get those doubts clarified, they will definitely have a better understanding of the subject. More over they get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding over those subjects, and some might even develop a passion for those and pursue their research.

Second, it reduces the fear and the rush towards the last few days nearing the exams. As the student is constantly in touch with the subject, he will be very confident of his knowledge, and on the days of the exam, with adequate preparation, will come out with flying colors. You can find such students cheerfully walking through the corridors of the examination hall, while others stick with their books till the last minute and still not confident about their knowledge.

Knowledge is best assimilated by a person at his own rate. Doing regular homework and assignments, give them ample time to learn the subjects, to ponder over the facts and in the end have a better understanding. As the adage says, "Practice makes a man perfect.", given enough time to practice gives a student a very good opportunity to make him perfect.

One can argue that homework daily eats away a lot of time and it is a chore to do these assignments at home. But doing regular homework, in the long run, creates a sort of discipline within the person, which is a quintessential characteristic to scale big heights.
When famous people such as actors, athletes and rock stars give their opinions, many people listen. Do you think we should pay attention to these opinions? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Celebrities, with their immense popularity among the public and their wealth to complement, no-doubt, have the power to influence their people, with their deeds and words. But, going about my conscience, I would rather be a skeptic than to blindly support and go with them.

The words of celebrities play a vital role as far as the "Advertising Industry" is concerned. Most kids, in their ages from 5 to 16 are easily being influenced by them. There are many kids who would buy a particular brand of shoes just because their "Michael Jordan" uses it. Not only kids, I have witnessed many adults who would buy "Adidas" products, simply because Anna Kournikova endorses it. I am not saying "Don't by Adidas products", but atleast compare and have a look at others before deciding to buy. This way, one can atleast save some money and disappointment, when the product they blindly buy does not turn up to their satisfaction or expectations.

There are some celebrities who advocate good thoughts and deeds, like I find many celebrities, of late, adopting children, supporting blue cross, organizing relief measures in disaster-struck areas, endorsing mother's milk for infants and so on. These are some things which are acceptable and I do not see otherwise as to why one should not blindly support these causes.

So to conclude, I would stick to my heart and be wise in making my own decisions rather than blindly accepting or rejecting a celebrity's belief or thought. Life has taught me some important lessons so far in my career and I would prefer to use my instincts, my gut feeling, my heart, my brain and my conscience to influence my decisions instead of following the words of others blindly.