Many people have learned a foreign language in their own country; others have learned a foreign language in the country which it is spoken. Which is better? Give the advantages of each and support your answers.
There are many methods to learn a foreign language; some prefer to learn in their local countries, but some prefer to study abroad. Although, people can study a foreign language efficiently by both methods, each method has differently benefits. Studying in their own countries is cheaper and more comfortable than studying abroad; however, people can study a foreign language quicker than in their homeland.
In homeland students pay for the expenditure less than students who live in foreign countries. For instance, they can stay in their home which has many facilities while they must buy a new accommodate when studying in foreign country. They have not to pay money for dormitory because they can stay in their home. More specifically, in my country, my monthly expenditure for consumption is less than the consumption of foreign country.
In foreign country, I can say that if people decide to study abroad, they can learn quicker. To illustrate, students are forced to use second language every day and every time to communicate with local people. If they want to buy anything, they must talk with foreign language, if they want to travel, they must use foreign language, and if they want to discuss with other students, they are forced to speak with foreign language. Therefore, I believe that if I study in other country, I can learn quickly. Nevertheless, with this method, students must spend more money than studying in their own country. For example, I pay only 20,000 baht per month for studying in my own country, but if I decide to study in foreign country, I have to pay 60,000 per month for tuition and room and board.
In conclusion, with the information which is discussed in the above paragraph, Both of them have differently advantages. Students should decide the methods based on their performance. Nonetheless, if I must to choose between two choices, I prefer to study abroad because I can pay for the much expenditure without any problem.
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