Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

If given a choice to eat out of home or to do my own cooking, I would choose the latter option. However, that doesn't mean that going to eat out with friends or byself is not a good thing. I just believe that your culture, and especially the way your parents raised you influence your culinary habit.

First, when I was young my family used to take us out only few times. Because my mother believed that a good eating take place at home. Moreover, living in a foreigns counrty also helped a lot. So, she wanted us to learn how to cook our traditional foods that she only made those recipes. For example, today I live in the Usa and learning how to cook in my younger age help me eat healthy avoiding all those junk foods available anywhere in this country.

Futhermore, knows recipes and knows how to cook them can be an fundamental impressive factor when you invite your friends to your place at dinner. You even have the possibility to do your own recipes by adding few spices. For instance, when I invited my family last thanksgiving I cooked the usual turkey's recipes that all of them knew. But I slightly modified it by adding white whine on it. And as a result it tasted different and all of them wanted to know how I did it.

Finally, by disciplining your kids eating, you help them ride away from some deseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and especially not being overweight.
It has been proved by scientist that a good health style go along with good eating habits. I mean homemade cooking carried less calories than out cooking.

In summary, If you want to be heathy and save a lot of your time, start to learn some homemade recipes and then practice them. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it.