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Thread: New UC personal statement prompts for next year (2016)

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    New UC personal statement prompts for next year (2016)

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    The University of California is debuting new essay prompts this year for the next round of applicants. Students writing their essays in the summer and fall of 2016 and applying as freshmen for the fall of 2017 (in other words, current high school juniors or high school class of 2017) will have a new format to follow.

    First, these are no longer called essay prompts or personal statement questions; rather, they are now "personal insight questions." There are eight questions given; of those eight, you choose four and write up to 350 words for each (i.e., a total word limit of 1400 words).

    Note: Transfer students have a slightly different set of questions. See below for more information.

    Here is a summary of the prompts in text and image form:

    NEW UC essay prompts for 2017 (freshmen)
    TLDR: Read 8; pick 4 to respond to. Write up to 350 words for each (So 1,400 words max).

    (Transfers, see below)
    1. Leadership
    2. Creativity
    3. A talent or skill you have
    4. Overcoming educational barriers
    5. A significant challenge you've overcome
    6. Favorite academic subject
    7. Contributions to society
    8. Your uniqueness

    Transfers: Pick 3 from above (except #6) + discuss preparedness for your major.

    Links for further reading:

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