First of all, I would like to greet everybody since this is my first time posting on this forum.First of all, I would like to greet everybody since this is my first time posting on this forum. I am a 25 years old Brazilian lawyer and tax adviser.

Going straight to the topic, I have some doubts and some concerns regarding the immigration process for me and my soon to be wife. We intend to study in the US for a MBA (in my case) and a Master of Clinical Research (her case).

Reading about the F1 VISA I learned that is granted to those who seek to study for an undergraduate or above degree in the US. Do you guys know how much money is needed (not counting the cost of the university) to prove my financial status as eligible for this kind of VISA, if real state (my home – that will probably be rented for this period) counts to this and if my money can also count on behalf of my fiancée?

Also, and that is a more tricky question (at least I believe), we intend to not only study there, but also live in the US afterward (but only if we are 100% legally in the country). Reading about the F1 VISA I find out that with this kind of non-immigrant permission we can only work for 20 hours weekly, but it offers a chance of OPT (Optional Practical Training) of a maximum of 12 months that can be prorogated (if special circumstances are fulfilled) for another 12 months.

Do we have a shot in getting an employer-sponsored job for the H1-B VISA after or during that and afterward get ourselves a green card through that? Or that is just wishful thinking? Because if our chances are slim to none, we are not sure if we really want spend all this money on higher education in the US to them go back to Brazilian depressed wages and opportunities (bear in mind that we are both post graduated on Brazilian most prestigious university).

PS: Forgive me for my English if it is not good enough, but I will be doing some courses to improve it (it’s been a while since I don’t practice my writing and speaking skills for lack of opportunities to do so).