I am a masters student graduating in May 2015. I just got married on the 23rd of December 2014(less than 4 months ago). My husband applied for a B1/B2 visa (to come for my graduation) with his sister and they were both rejected today (april 6th 2015). I feel he was rejected because he went with his sister(my sister-in-law). I am about to start my OPT application process and i have a few questions:
1) Do i add my husband to my OPT application process requesting for an F2 for him?
2) would he be given an F2 after being rejected a B1/B2?
3) I am not sure how the Dependent(F2) on OPT application works..... apply for my husband at the same time i am applying for my OPT or do i wait until my EAD card is ready
4) A friend told me that i should apply for my husband's F2 at the same time i am applying for my OPT... she mentioned it will be easier to get him to be dependent on me, infact she said his name would appear as a dependant on my EAD card before he then goes to the embassy to request the F2 be placed on his passport.. is this true?