I will be going to the US for my PhD studies on the F1 visa in Fall 2015.

I am considering whether it is better for my husband to apply for a F2 visa or B2 visa? The purpose of his travel will be purely to visit me and for travelling together around the country as tourists from time to time. He has a long time job in the home country. The University website says that for tourist purpose dependents can apply for B2 visa, which is valid for 6 months at the maximum. I read some where that F2 visa is valid for as long as F1 holder's visa is valid. So isn't it better for my husband to have a F2 visa such that every time he wants to visit me the visa hurdle will be taken care of? Can some one tell me the pros and cons of applying for a F2 visa if the purpose if for the dependent to travel to US just to visit me? What does it imply for insurance expenditure for the dependent? Do I need to purchase insurance for the entire year?

Look forward to your response.