If I have an SAT fee waiver, do I still have to pay the late-registration penalty?

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A student emailed me a few days ago asking me whether she would still have to pay the late fee for registering late for the SAT even if she had a fee waiver. I did a bit of research (I’ll ask my students as well), and the answer seems to be… Yes. Yes, you still have to pay the late-registration fee for the SAT, even if you have a fee waiver (not a “free waiver,” as I’ve heard some people call it :) ).
If you have specific experience with this situation, please post in the comments to let us know what happened with you!

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  1. Devon
    I’d been trying to get the fee waiver since early June. They didn’t get it to me until September 26th, which happened to be the day before the end of late registration. This was because College Board had sent the waiver to the wrong address and didn’t re-send them until much later on.
    • Sorry to hear that.

      Did College Board have your correct address? And they made an error?

      Were you able to register in the end?

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