What does “abscond” mean? (With a quiz question!)


What does “abscond” mean?

Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /æb.ˈskɒnd/ Glossary-style: [ab-SKOND]

Definition: depart quickly and secretly, as to avoid capture (Ex: to abscond in the middle of the night).

Example: People who are arrested often need to put up money as bail to discourage them from absconding.

Practice vocab question for “abscond”

abscond most nearly means
(A) equivocate about one’s opinion
(B) flee suddenly and quickly
(C) hide something
(D) be found in many areas
(E) run fast




    1. I would have to say that ‘abscond’ does not have a positive connotation, as it generally has to do with hiding or fleeing. I think in your sentence, I would opt for ‘escaping’.

      Also, you should use the present participle, not the past participle. ;)

  1. Good job. Please, i need a clarification.
    Can the word ‘abscond’ be used when referring to ‘not attending meetings’ ? e.g He has been absconding from our meetings. ( Meaning: He has not been attending our meetings)
    1. Hmm… I understand why you’d want to say abscond from a meeting, but to my ears, abscond should be used to mean escaping as if to avoid capture. So I wouldn’t say abscond from a meeting, abscond from work, abscond from school, etc.

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