What does “adulterate” mean?

What does “adulterate” mean?


Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /ə.ˈdəl.tə.reɪt/ Glossary-style: [uh-DUL-tuh-rate]

Definition: verb: make impure by adding or substituting inferior ingredients (Ex: adulterated vitamins).

Example: It is unfortunately a common temptation for food manufacturers to adulterate their products with inferior and cheaper ingredients to increase profits.

Practice vocab question!

In which of the following situations does someone adulterate something?
(A) A greedy businessman adds a toxic chemical to a food product to boost its protein content.
(B) An established compound pharmacy makes prescriptions for patients.
(C) Cindy, who loves baking, runs out of butter and substitutes margarine for butter.
(D) A shiftless worker neglects the products she is charged with inspecting.
(E) An author intersperses his writing with anecdotes and parenthetical comments.



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