What does “bombastic” mean?

What does bombastic mean?

bombastic: (adj) /bɒm.ˈbæ.stɪk/ [BOM-ba-stik]: pompous, inflated, unnecessarily wordy, or ostentatious (Ex: a bombastic show of knowledge).

Example: Standish’s bombastic explanations even to simple questions impressed a few people, but annoyed those who saw through his attempts to sound educated.

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  1. I liked to know that word, I was looking for someone to define a friend of mine that always tries to use them and as you said sounds so ridiculous that everybody laughs at him. Great word indeed.
  2. >We had a bombastic party last night.

    How about “There was a bombastic guy at the party last night.” “bombastic” addresses human qualities, those choices that we make about how to appear to others. Hence I think it unlikely to describe a party as bombastic. :)

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