What do “eke” and “eke out” mean?


What does “eke” mean?

Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /ik/ Glossary-style: [eek]

Definition: (used with out) earn money or support oneself or others with great effort (Ex: barely able to eke out a living). increase; add to, augment, lengthen.

Example: During difficult financial times, people often struggle to eke out a living, picking up odd jobs here and there, and perhaps even selling things that they have around the house.

Practice vocab question for “eke”

Which of the following best describes a person eking out a living?

(A) Jurgis and Ona live high on the hog in heaven.
(B) Bartleby states that he is disinclined to perform that task.
(C) The ants and the grasshopper make peace and enjoy a night of good conversation.
(D) Maria decides to give up her job and go back to school to finish her degree.
(E) Jurgis works whatever job he can find, begs for money, and skips meals to save money.




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