What does “foist” mean?

What does “foist” mean?


Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /fɔɪst/ Glossary-style: [foyst]

Definition: pass off or represent as genuine or having quality, especially deceitfully. force or impose something on somebody, especially deceitfully.

Example: I recently received a counterfeit $100 bill, and while there‘s nothing I can do to get the money back, I refuse to foist it on someone else.

Practice vocab question!

1. In which of the following situations does someone foist something on someone else?
(A) A restaurant runs out of quinoa, and “86s” all dishes made with quinoa.
(B) Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny have a conversation. Bugs says, “You‘re foist!” To which Daffy replies, “Then you‘re theckond!”
(C) A house guest, who is staying in the guest house, leaves a bouquet of flowers as thanks.
(D) A “dollar store” sells blemished and irregular socks for 99 cents per pair.
(E) A peddler realizes that his customers wouldn’t know the difference between a Rolex and a Faux-Lex, and pulls out the cheap fakes when he hands over the product.



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