What does “impregnable” mean?


What does “impregnable” mean?

Part of Speech: adj

Pronunciations: IPA: /ɪm.ˈprɛg.nə.bəl/ Glossary-style: [im-PREG-nuh-bul]

Definition: impossible to attack, conquer, or overcome (Ex: an impregnable fortress). seemingly impossible to attack or refute (Ex: impregnable logic). able to be impregnated.

Example: The designers of the bank vault claimed it was impregnable, but the master safecracker proved them wrong.

Practice vocab question for “impregnable”

Of the following, which would be most likely to be considered impregnable?

(A) The loud sounds of a city during the day
(B) A resilient sapling
(C) Why dinosaurs became extinct
(D) The place where a government keeps its gold reserves (e.g., Fort Knox in the U.S.)
(E) The passage of time




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