What does “moot” mean? (With a quiz question!)

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What does “moot” mean?

Part of Speech: adj

Pronunciations: IPA: /mut/ Glossary-style: [moot]

Definition: adj: having no practical importance; being only a mental exercise (Ex: a moot discussion). open to debate; arguable. noun: (Law) a mock trial used for students to get practice participating in trials.

Example: Because Stella and Stanley had missed the bus, they would be late getting home. Their arguing about whose fault it was was really a moot point since they could not travel back in time and get to the bus stop earlier.

Practice vocab question for “moot”

A moot point is
(A) extenuating circumstances, or events or occurrences that lessen the severity of, say, a crime
(B) an observation that may be valid but will not change a situation or an outcome
(C) an implausible hypothesis assumed to be valid solely for the purposes of participating in a debate
(D) the sharp tip of a projectile
(E) an imagined situation that could not logically occur



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  1. Elavarasu
    Moot defines
    1) irrelevant – without relevance
    2) obsolete – if it was previously relevant

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