What does “pitfall” mean? (+ a short quiz!)

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Watch out for pitfalls!


What does “pitfall” mean?

Part of Speech: noun

Pronunciations: IPA: /’pɪt.fal/ Glossary-style: [PIT-fahl]

Definition: a danger, difficulty, or problem that can arise unexpectedly (Ex: the pitfalls of applying for a job). a covered hole in the ground used as a trap.

Example: One of the pitfalls of excelling in a particular subject is becoming labeled an expert in that subject, often causing others to overlook your other qualities and talents.

Practice vocab question for “pitfall”

1. Of the following, which describes a possible pitfall of applying to college?
(A) Many of your friends, who have excellent GPAs and SAT scores, are applying to the same colleges and universities that you are.
(B) You need to fill out a common application as well as write several supplementary essays.
(C) When you submit your application, you submit your rough draft instead of the final version of your personal statement.
(D) When your acceptance letters arrive, you discover that you are offered a four-year, full scholarship at your second choice, before you hear the result from your first-choice.
(E) You have important insights into your character while writing your admissions essays.

2. pitfall most nearly means
(A) comprehension or understanding
(B) area of land devoid of vegetation, especially in a jungle
(C) sudden realization
(D) unexpected difficulty
(E) prevention



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