What does “proprietary” mean?

What does “proprietary” mean?


Part of Speech: adj

Pronunciations: IPA: /prə.ˈpraɪ.ɪ.tɛ.ri/ Glossary-style: [pruh-PRY-ih-teh-ree]

Definition: owned exclusively by those who produce it, as information or procedures (Ex: proprietary trade secrets). exclusively owned or private. relating to the owners of something.

Example: When I got a good job at (let’s call the company “Goggles”), I had to sign a document promising that I would not divulge any proprietary information that I learned while working there.

Practice vocab question!

In which of the following would you gain proprietary information?

  1. You work for an American bicycle company that trains you on a special technique to produce consistently high-quality bike components.
  2. You work for a technology company in Silicon Valley, and a colleague asks you whether you know anyone from lucise.com.
  3. You’re eavesdropping, and you overhear a conversation about the various food options in the area.
  4. You read plagiarized material on the Internet.
  5. In a fit of rage, a colleague swears at his partner on the telephone, using language inappropriate for the workplace.



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