What does “pugilist” mean?

What does “pugilist” mean?


Part of Speech: noun

Pronunciations: IPA: /ˈpyu.dʒə.lɪst/ Glossary-style: [PYOO-juh-list]

Definition: someone who fights with his fists; a boxer.

Example: A natural pugilist, Sugar Ray found that boxing came easy to him.

Practice vocab question!

1. Jurgis Murgis found that in his life, he was drawn more to the ways of the pugilist than to those of the pacifist; he was tempted to resolve disputes ——- rather than ——-.
(A) physically . . logically
(B) loudly . . quietly
(C) by fighting . . with humor
(D) without complaining . . with irritation
(E) violently . . peacefully




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