What does “pundit” mean? (With a quiz question!)

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What does “pundit” mean?

Part of Speech: noun

Pronunciations: IPA: /ˈpən.dɪt/ Glossary-style: [PUN-dit]

Definition: a highly educated person; an expert. an expert who gives her opinion to the media (Ex: a talk show with several pundits debating current political issues). a highly educated person in India.

Example: The political candidate had great popular appeal, but the pundits roundly criticized his proposed tax breaks.

Practice vocab question for “pundit”

Which of the following would a pundit be most likely to do?
(A) Trick people into giving up their life savings
(B) Invest his fortunes in inventing a cure for the common cold
(C) Look down on people
(D) Give out his opinions on politics on national television, week after week
(E) Make a show of his knowledge



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