What does “quaff” mean?

What does “quaff” mean?


Part of Speech:verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /kwɒf/ Glossary-style: [kwof]

Definition: verb: drink in great quantity with pleasure, as alcohol. noun: a drink that is drunk in great quantity with pleasure. an act of drinking in great quantity with pleasure.

Example: College students (for example those in the United States) are known for quaffing great amounts of alcohol, typically in the form of cheap beer. (Just for the record, this is a very bad habit.)

Practice vocab question!

Sir Drink-a-lot ——- his ale greedily, ——- his potations quickly and happily.
(A) sipped . . eschewing
(B) quaffed . . nursing
(C) imbibed . . gulping down
(D) consumed . . avoiding
(E) refused . . chugalugging




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