What does “reiterate” mean? (With a quiz question!)


What does “reiterate” mean?

Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /ri.ˈɪ.tə.reɪt/ Glossary-style: [ree-IH-tuh-rayt]

Definition: say or do one more time or repeatedly, especially for emphasis.

Example: My mother reiterated her views on motorcycles–they are fun, but are too dangerous to ride for regular transportation.

Practice vocab question for “reiterate”

——- his objection to lying about using money from the school ’s scholarship fund, Clay repeated his threats to resign as treasurer if the committee did not confess their ——-.

(A) retracting . . peccadillo
(B) vacillating on . . honesty
(C) equivocating about . . levity
(D) reiterating . . transgression
(E) emphasizing . . veracity



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