What does “stagger” mean?


What does “stagger” mean?

Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /ˈstægər/ Glossary-style: [STA-gur]

Definition: walk, move, or stand unsteadily (Ex: to stagger home drunk). arrange alternately (Ex: staggers the arrivals of different people). overwhelm with surprise; shock (Ex: to stagger the imagination).

Example: A recent movie contained a mind-staggering plot in which the main character moved between dreams and reality, and ultimately, the audience was unsure of which the movie took place in.

Practice vocab question for “stagger”

1. stagger has at least two possible meanings, including

(A) revolve and fascinate
(B) move unsteadily and amaze
(C) trouble and stab
(D) paint and renovate
(E) shock and injure

2. If Zach gets off the spinning tea cups at and amusement park and staggers, he

(A) takes off his sweatshirt and puts it in his backpack
(B) walks erratically (and perhaps his friends will advise him to sit down for a moment)
(C) starts shouting about how thrilling the ride was
(D) is too disoriented to find his friends (and perhaps takes a seat for a moment)
(E) walks steadily while his friends rush to catch up with him

3. A wounded man staggered down the street. He was most likely

(A) having a difficult time walking upright because of the pain
(B) walking with a happy skip in his step the whole time
(C) dancing with great strength and vigor
(D) walking with an incredible sense of pride
(E) using a cane to balance himself




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