What does “ursine” mean? (With a quiz question!)

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Ursa Major, the famed constellation that some think resembles the shape of a bear.


What does “ursine” mean?

Part of Speech: adj

Pronunciations: IPA: /ˈər.saɪn/ Glossary-style: [UR-syn]

Definition: adj: relating to bears or like a bear. noun: a bear.

Example: A big ursine man, Harry was often chosen to kick out obnoxious or unruly party guests.

Practice vocab question for “ursine”

Of the following, which is most ursine?
(A) Lions with fiery manes
(B) Sheepish people who walk ploddingly
(C) A big, strong, hairy person
(D) A person with a pointy nose
(E) A tall, slender man



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  1. Does “ursine” positively or negatively characterize a person?
    • Erin
      Well, honestly, I think that would depend on your perception of bears. If pressed for a simple answer, however, I’d have to say that it’s neither positive nor negative; it’s simply a descriptive term.
  2. sandar
    I am eager to know the answer of Mr. Sugeng Purwanto’s question . Plze let me know .
  3. elavarasu
    In my general point of view ,the meaning of “ursine ” is ” relating to bears “or “like a bear” in adjective.
    In noun ursine means “bear”.

    additionally in my technical point of view ursine means” bear” in zoology.

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