What does “vie” mean? (With a quiz question!)


What does “vie” mean?

Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /vaɪ/ Glossary-style: [vy]

Definition: compete for victory or superiority with another or with others (Ex: to vie for first place). contend; compete.

Example: While little Johnny was vying for the attention of little Susie, little Susie’s thoughts were occupied with daydreams of a life with little Julie.

Practice vocab question for “vie”

If someone vies for something, then she

(A) competes to win something, such as your heart or the presidency
(B) has olfactory senses so sensitive that she can literally smell defeat
(C) is pragmatic about the possibility of losing
(D) will not abide cheating
(E) skis in a valley



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