What does “wither” mean? (With a quiz question!)


What does “wither” mean?

Part of Speech: verb

Pronunciations: IPA: /ˈwɪ.ðər/ Glossary-style: [WIH-ther]

Definition: dry up; become wrinkled from a lack of moisture (Ex: withered leaves). decay, die, or lose vitality. abash, cause to be speechless, or stun (Ex: to wither with an icy glance).

Example: My father cast me a withering glance from across the table when he saw that I was about to tell everybody the story of how he got a speeding ticket.

Practice vocab question for “wither”

Cruella ’s icy glance withered Jeeves, causing him to lose all of his ——-.

(A) knowledge
(B) appeal
(C) emotion
(D) resolve
(E) invigoration




    1. I can’t see a withering look cracking glass. And ‘look’ is a singular count noun, so it requires a determiner (i.e.,
      a withering look

      Oh, I think you’re saying that ‘Father’ disapproved of our breaking the glass. How about this? Our father gave us a withering look after we broke the window glass.

  1. In the book “Requirements Engineer”, we have the following statement: “For starters I´ll have ´Who?´, ´What?´, ´When?´, ´Where?´, and then ´Wither?´, ´Whence?´, and ´Wherefore´ to follow, and one big side order of ´Why´”. What does mean the word Wither?

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