What does “writhe” mean?

What does writhe mean?

writhe: move, twist, or contort one’s body, as when one is in pain or is making great effort (Ex: to writhe in pain).

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  1. This certainly describes when you are fighting with your dog for washing him.
    Is a great word.
    I hope you continue sending the word of the day
  2. I think a boxer writhes his body a lot trying to escape from his adversary.
    Am I correct?
    Looking at the word writhe without attention it seems the word “write…” we must be attentive with it!
  3. Hmm… I think I’d be more likely to say wriggle, or something like that. writhe makes me think of a reaction to something, not an action that’s done deliberately.
  4. writhe connotes a struggle against adding pains to pain e.g. dressing a wound, or trying to come out of an unwanted situation, a child who screams while being birthed, without anaesthesia their will be a great writhe while a patient goes through surgery.

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