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Thread: When will my score report arrive? (Delay in Score Report)

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    Hi Guys,

    I gave my GRE on 30th of Jan'03. But I have not recd my score report yet. (btw got 520 in V & 780 in Q). I got in touch with ETS and they said they had dispatched the score report on second week of Feb'03.

    My questions are,

    1. How do they send the report?. Is it normal mail or registered?

    2. What is a duplicate score report?. I was told by ETS that, they can send it to me.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    The $64,000 question--where are you? If you're in India, as it seems many TestMagicians are, I think I recall most TM'ians saying it takes about four weeks.

    Which means you might be getting your official scores soon.

    ETS sends the scores by regular mail; a duplicate score report is simply another copy. I believe they will send you one for free, if you request it.
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    Thanks Erin for your prompt reply. Oops.. i missed saying, where I am from. But u guessed it right....

    well, I plan to wait for couple of more weeks and then ask ETS to send a duplicate report.

    Best Regards,


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