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  3. Hey guys: What is my chance to get into Ph.D. in economics in the US? I hold two separate bachelor and a master degree. Additionally, I am studying a master program in Economics at the moment: Master in Economics (expected: 2024) Bonn University (current GPA: 3.90/4.00 - German system:1.1) (My interest lies between econometrics and microeconomic theory)(not released yet, but estimated in the top 5-7%) Master in Computer Science (2022) Hacettepe (no-world-ranking, public) University in Turkey (3.51/4.00) (Machine learning, big data analytics specialized) (top 12%) Bachelor in Economics (2020) World-unranked public university in Turkey, but of course state recognized (3.49/4.00) (top 12%) Bachelor Industrial Engineering (2015) World-unranked public university in Turkey, but of course state recognized(2.47/4.00) (top 23%) (As you may notice my engineering bachelor GPA is quite low. During my engineering bachelor I had financial obstacles, and therefore, I had to work full-time jobs during my bachelor. I worked during the night and went to school during the day. I am planning to explain this situation shortly in my SOP) Research Experience: Currently, I am working for one of the university's economic research institutes as a research assistant (it has been 5 months, and still working) Central Bank of Turkey - Assistant Specialist (3.5 years) I am assuming I can provide 4-5 recommendation letters from the professors at Bonn University. Additionally, I have not taken GRE yet, but I believe I can get a full score of 170 from the Quant. The schools I am planning to apply to are: University of Michigan Rice University Arizona State University Georgetown University Michigan State University University of Virginia Texas AM Texas at Austin University of Arizona North Carolina State University University of Southern California Florida State University Generally, I aim the range between 30 and 100 based on USNews. Thank you for your time in advance. I appreciate it. Economics-bahcelor Transcript: Engineering-bahcelor Transcript: Economics-master transcript (current) (German system: 1.1 and its 4-scale conversion is 3.90: computer-science-master transcript:
  4. Reduced Labor Costs: Labor costs often make up a large portion of a company's expenses. By outsourcing, you can leverage the lower wage levels in countries such as India or the Philippines. Even when factoring in the costs of managing an outsourcing contract, the total expenditure is often lower than hiring and maintaining an in-house team. Lower Infrastructure Costs: When you outsource, you can save on the costs associated with expanding your infrastructure - both physical (like office space, hardware) and digital (like software licenses, server capacity). Your outsourcing partner takes care of these expenses. Cost Predictability: With outsourcing, costs become more predictable. The outsourcing eCommerce customer service contract will define the costs for the services, allowing better financial forecasting. It also reduces exposure to unexpected costs like employee turnover or equipment failure. Reduced Training Costs: The cost of training new employees can be significant, especially in technical fields. By outsourcing, these costs are borne by the service provider. Increased Focus on Core Activities: By outsourcing non-core activities, a business can devote more resources (both financial and human) to activities that directly generate revenue. This can improve overall business efficiency and profitability. Return on Investment (ROI): The savings achieved through outsourcing can be reinvested in the business - for example, in marketing, product development, or customer service. This can increase revenue, market share, and overall ROI. Scalability: Outsourcing gives businesses the flexibility to scale their operations up or down depending on demand. This can lead to significant cost savings as you're only paying for the services you need. 24/7 Operation: Outsourcing to offshore customer service provider in different time zones can enable businesses to operate around the clock, potentially leading to increased productivity and revenue.
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  7. 😃 The relationship between "milk" and "extract" is that "extract" is a verb that describes the process of obtaining or removing a specific component from something else. In the case of milk, you can extract the cream from it to make butter, or you can extract the whey from it to make protein powder. Option (B) "exploit" is the correct analogy because it also involves using something for a specific purpose, often in a way that benefits the user. In this case, just as you can extract useful components from milk, you can exploit resources or opportunities for your own gain. Therefore, (B) "exploit" is the best answer. Option (A) "squander" means to waste or misuse something, which is the opposite of extracting something useful from it. Option (C) "research" and (D) "hire" do not share a similar relationship with "extract". Option (E) "wheedle" means to coax or persuade someone, which is not related to the process of extraction. I hope it helps😄
  8. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: T20 US Private Undergrad GPA: 3.96 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 161V, 170Q Math Courses: 10 senior level courses (All A), 2 PhD level courses (All A), includes analysis, statistics, topology, and probability classes. Econ Courses: 5 PhD level courses (All A, including graduate Micro I+II), 5 senior level courses (All A), a lot of micro theory. Other Courses: 5 CS classes (All A), including machine learning and data structures and algorithms. Letters of Recommendation: Did independent research with 2 professors (also my PhD micro profs), RA'd for the other one. All well-known in the theory world. Research Experience: Honors thesis on repeated games, RA on macro work, both part time in undergrad. Teaching Experience: 2 years of TA experience, not very relevant. Research Interests: Micro theory SOP: It's ok Other: N/A RESULTS: Acceptances: Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Northwestern, UMich, JHU, BU Waitlists: MIT, Penn, NYU, UCLA, Duke, Brown, UCSD Rejections: Stanford, Harvard, HBS, Berkeley, UChicago Attending: One of Y/P/N Comments: Huge results for a undergrad applying with not much research experience! My advice to American undergrads is that a B.A. is absolutely enough to at least try and apply directly to PhD programs especially if you're not interested in applied stuff and you're satisfied with your resume and transcript, international applicants should still go through the T10 masters/predoc route since that's what adcoms prefer. Take a lot of hard math/econ classes and do well in them. Try to have a decent writing sample before you apply and absolutely try to build good relationships with profs.
  9. Just started a result thread!
  10. Hi, As this year's cycle has come to an end, I am creating this thread so that people can share their results/experiences. Good luck with your future career! Here's the template from last year's post: PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Undergrad GPA: Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: Math Courses: Econ Courses: Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: Research Experience: Teaching Experience: Research Interests: SOP: Other: RESULTS: Acceptances: Waitlists: Rejections: Pending: Attending: Comments: What would you have done differently?
  11. Do you want to create the thread?
  12. Got the offer yesterday, thanks 🙂
  13. Pro: you get to live in Vancouver for 5-6 years Con: you have to rent in Vancouver on a PhD stipend for 5-6 years
  14. Time to start a results thread?
  15. I think someone posted about this on gradcafe but I'm pretty sure everyone they admitted basically accepted so I don't think anyone will get off the waitlist
  16. Hi Everyone! Did anyone hear back from the University of Michigan Waitlist?
  17. You should maintain your hope. I just declined the BU Econ offer today. I am sorry for declining late after reading your post but it's cuz I was admitted off the waitlist just on Apr 15. Back to your post, my offer due is on Apr 27, so I think BU sent several offers around Apr 15 with an extended decision due. So in the next two weeks I think some more offers may be made (at least the one from mine). Hope this helps !
  18. Got an email saying the following: We’re sorry to say that the NYU admission process is over for this year. We had over 700 candidates and you made it a far way in our admission process. We would have been happy to admit each of you but at the end we had to end it before we could make you an offer. If you didn't get this mabe they're keeping you on a reduced WL, but otherwise looks like the class is full.
  19. Is the NYU wl closed?
  20. Just got an email asking if I was still interested in admission to Boston University's program, that they may have spots available after the April 15th deadline. Had previously been rejected by them, so this is a total surprise. Anyone else get this? How much should I get my hopes up? Application season didn't work out well for me so my current plan was to do a masters next year and reapply to PhD programs in the fall, so this would really change things for me.
  21. Anyone accepted from UMN wl?
  22. Accepted off waitlist yesterday. Will likely attend.
  23. Email from adcoms asking if I was interested in an offer! Really glad this came through, and best of luck to anyone else still on WLs
  24. Many US programs have to abide to the April 15th agreement, so they can’t require students to commit before then. I imagine most (if not all) programs that haven’t yet filled their desired program size will be working tomorrow to give waitlist reponses once they are able to remove accepted students from the list based on nonresponse
  25. Any waitlist movement from Minnesota?
  26. Is is possible for people in the waitlist to get news at weekends? No email reply from my dream program and I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
  27. I have received a survey a few days ago, asking me to wait until 4/15 5pm. Something like that.
  28. Did you receive the survey a few days ago?
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