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  2. Hey everyone, I'm a pharmacist from Marburg. I have a quick question. Do they still require documentation of the internship form LAK? and in case yea, who needs it, ECE or NABP?
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  4. Hi folks, If AI replaces RA and doesn't pull anymore, how can I build up my experience with Research in the future? How will the research field change in the future?
  5. Your academic achievements and research experiences in econometric theory position you well for top economics PhD programs. While lacking intermediate theory courses may not significantly impact your admission chances, highlighting your strong quantitative background and research contributions will strengthen your application. Best of luck! And if you need assistance with South African SARS eFiling, tax software can simplify the process for you.
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  7. Your dedication to maintaining the quality of discourse on this forum is commendable. Clear communication not only fosters understanding but also enhances the value of the shared knowledge. Let's strive together to uphold standards of proper English usage, creating an environment where everyone's contributions are accessible and respected. Thank you for your cooperation, Testmagic members. Sincerely,
  8. Thanks for sharing this helpful tip! Deleting the unnecessary part of the address bar does the trick for accessing profiles and results. It's a handy workaround for navigating through the pages efficiently. Much appreciated!
  9. This guide is an excellent resource for aspiring RAs in econ! It's comprehensive and community-driven. Sharing it through university departments, social media, and econ forums can help reach a wider audience. Keep up the great work!
  10. Selecting the Best ERP Software for Business in Pakistan seeking operational efficiency and growth. With various options available, ranging from global ERP giants to tailored solutions, making an informed decision is vital. Which ERP software stands out as the best fit for businesses in Pakistan? Share your experiences, recommendations, and insights on the top ERP solutions. Let’s discuss the key features, scalability, and implementation challenges of different ERP systems, helping each other navigate the landscape and empower Pakistani businesses to thrive. Your input can guide others towards selecting the best ERP software for their specific needs and objectives.
  11. There may be some disadvantages. 1. Less access to advanced courses. 2. Less opportunity to work with professors who are among the best in the world. But some branch campuses may have an advantage of being more dedicated to teaching.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm currently an economics student at a branch campus of a university, like University of Minnesota, University of Texas, University of Wisconsin. I'm curious about whether attending a branch campus instead of the main campus might put me at a disadvantage when applying to top graduate schools for master's and PhD degrees. Does anyone have any experience or insights on this matter? Thank you!
  13. It's still early in the process, so no news doesn't necessarily mean IR. Hang in there and keep an eye on your inbox!
  14. Hg_3mvt

    Proof of license

    Hi chị Huong, Could you please share your experience about the license/registration proof with me? Thank you in advance! Huong
  15. Hi Jennifer, Were you able to sit for FPGEE? I have the same question about license and registration from Vietnam. If you could please share your experience, I would really appreciate it!! I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
  16. So i've been thinking about doing a phd in either politics or public policy in the future. I just graduated from college with a degree in econ and politics. I am going to take a year off working before going back for the econ master at nyu, which I already got into but deferred the admission for one year. I've talked to some of my college professors about the possibility of getting into the phd program in either politics or public policy with a master degree in econ and the overwhelming consensus is that it's a good strategy as i would be equipped with more math and statistics skills. but i'm still a bit worried about not having enough politics or public policy background with an econ master. the phd thing probably won't happen until two or three years later but i want to get an early start and be more prepared. any input would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Global Pharma Tek provides a comprehensive suite of specialized clinical research services designed to support biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies in bringing new and innovative drugs and devices to global markets efficiently. Our objective is to convert your innovation into a vision of safe, effective, and FDA-approved drug delivery while minimizing costs and accelerating time-to-market.
  18. Apply for Summer Research. The RA I am participating in - https://forms.gle/QKio3cGQxk6Lh3Nz5
  19. Hi Pilar, did you get the license? How was the process? How long did it take you to get it? Im just starting with everything.
  20. Hi verok, im a pharmacist from Peru too. Did you get the license already? I'm just starting with the process.
  21. Preparing for the 700-750 SMBE exam is a task that requires a strategic combination of theoretical knowledge acquisition and hands-on practical experience. With Passcert Cisco Small and Medium Business Engineer 700-750 SMBE Dumps, you will have access to the appropriate and best training materials which will enable you to directly start with the actual exam questions for the Cisco 700-750 SMBE exam. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to tackle the exam questions effectively and efficiently. With the help of the Cisco Small and Medium Business Engineer 700-750 SMBE Dumps, you will be able to feel the real exam scenario and pass your exam with confidence.
  22. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Accounting Undergrad GPA: Type of Grad: Economics Grad GPA: 9/10 GRE: 164 / 164 / 6 Math Courses: Math for Economics type courses only Econ Courses: Graduate micro, metrics, macro Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: 3 economics faculty at top US schools - I was RA on their projects Research Experience: 3 years RA Teaching Experience: Research Interests: Environmental economics SOP: Discussed topics I want to work on, described experience doing independent research. Pretty standard I think. Other: RESULTS: Acceptances: UC Irvine, Boston College, UC Santa Cruz Waitlists: UC Santa Barbara Rejections: Chicago Harris, UC Davis, UBC, and several programs in Europe. Too many to count. Pending: Attending: Comments: I was realistic going into the cycle; my grades were not great and I lacked mathematics coursework. Tried to use relevant work experience, working on applied projects, etc to bolster my profile. I am surprised I even got in, given what I have read on these pages. What would you have done differently? Start thinking about the process a bit sooner, get GRE out of the way, be more direct in communicating with letter writers.
  23. Governments should place few, if any, restrictions on scientific research and development. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position. Response: Government is the authority that we gave our lives, freedoms and cultural heritage as a nation to protect. Science and research as in all countries and cultures is regulated by several governmental bodies that audit how science is done in every level of research. To make any argument against or in favor of restrictions we should understand why restrictions exist in the first place. In the last two hundred years regulations and laws concerning scientific research evolved remarkably ,for example in the 19th century almost no regulations or restrictions were put on drug development and the drug market was a complete chaos from snake oil to heavy metal toxic drugs all that was sold to patients with no concern for safety or efficacy of anything. This in turn caused several disasters that changed gradually how we do real legitimate science and that’s why regulations exist in the first place. Scientific ethics is as important as valid methodology to science ,ask your self this question :if a scientist is conducting horrible or unethical experiments with his patients can we trust the result he /she reports to us ? What guarantee that the scientist doesn’t lie or manipulate his data to give a favorable outcome if he already betrayed his patients and conscience ?. No wonder that every country in the world has a regulating body for science. However regulations and restrictions aren’t always necessary ,some are hindering ethical scientific progress such as the heavy restrictions on cannabis research in several countries which is just a byproduct of a cultural-political war between progressives and conservatives with the same happening in stem cells research. In my analysis restrictions need to be specified more and to be detailed to give a valid verdict but in general restrictions is here to stay and no country in the world would adopt a law that give all this power to a small sect of people without holding them accountable. So whether you agree with some restrictions or disagree, restrictions role in science cant be neglected as it give us a way to evaluate the veracity and validity of reported data.
  24. I'll have a space or two for RAs to join ongoing research projects. Candidates close to DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) or comfortable working remotely from anywhere, feel free to inbox and show interest.
  25. I'll have a space or two for RAs to join ongoing research projects. Candidates close to DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) or comfortable working remotely, feel free to inbox and show interest.
  26. Hello guys, I want to find some answers about my situation. I'm foreign pharmacist who is applying for the Fpgee certification. However, I have a doubt, my university in my home country is cancelled, it won't be accredited anymore. So, will I still elegible for Fpgee or not? Because there is no one available to send my tramscripts directly from my university to Nabp. Please, any similar situation to share. Thanks.
  27. hey i just wanted a realistic idea of my chances at a phd in business program (specifically in organizational behavior trying to investigate dei in organizations undergrad: media and communications degree - gpa: 4.0 grad: master in management and msc in international business dual degree) - gpa: 3.8 (top of the class) research exp: - 3.xx years in total as a/an: full-time researcher in an international organization (think w.h.o, unesco, unicef etc) - 2 years RA for a professor who is about to publish the book that we worked on - 1 year semester-long RA positions throughout my undergrad and masters. - master's thesis - 1 publication in an open-access journal (very relevant to my research interests) - multiple conference presentations (won awards only like 2 out of 7 times i think?) lor: strong recs from RA professor, thesis advisor, and another RA professor research interests: dei, diversity, poc in organizations etc etc ive reached out to a couple of profs from unis i want to get in and they "highly recommended i apply" although they couldnt take me on as a phd student due to fundings and workload, they did say they knew for sure that other profs in the same uni would be able to take me. please do let me know of my chances realistically for this list basically: dream: harvard cornell yale columbia mit nyu target: duke unc boston u safety: gwu rutgers boston college i will def apply to other unis too but i just want to really make sure the research they do matches my interests. i want to have an approximate idea of how it would be before i spend a lot of money on the applications and stuff
  28. Your daughter can read this and improve her profile and will be successful. https://medium.com/@yomiresearch/economics-phd-navigating-the-mathematics-and-research-experience-requirements-for-applying-to-5ac3e22837b8
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