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  2. UC Santa Barbara are sending out waitlists. No information on where applicants rank. Invited to virtual visit day.
  3. Congrats on your MPhil offer! Do you happen to know if they issue offers for the MPhil and DPhil programmes at the same time, or are they rolled out separately?
  4. @demand_shifter Same here. Hopefully, we'll hear back by mid-March, if not sooner
  5. I applied for the MPhil+DPhil but was offered the MPhil instead.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Probably have a chance to get into rank 20-50 programs.
  8. Hi, did they put you on the waitlist before this email?
  9. any idea when hbs bizec rejections will be sent out?
  10. Are Columbia results all regular or also BusEcon?
  11. FYI, UCSD just sent an email about their virtual visit days. I would assume they've sent all their offers already.
  12. I was the Columbia gc poster. Will decline though
  13. Can anyone confirm the Duke acceptance on GC? And if so, did you interview?
  14. Has anyone received offers for the MPhil Economics programme at Oxford? Besides GradCafe, are there any other websites you use to look for updates?
  15. I have not heard anything from Washington and Rice yet. However, noticed people were accepted, interviewed and rejected. Should I just assume rejection?
  16. Does anyone know if Berkeley is still rolling offers?
  17. missed the part about it being a european school.
  18. UPF only funds its top 2 students for the first year. This isn't great advice.
  19. The deadline is 4/15 for US unis. However, this doesn't apply to european programs, which is the case here
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