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  1. Today
  2. Anyone received anything from UCL?
  3. Has Berkeley sent its first round of rejections?
  4. Yesterday
  5. it's a Thursday tradition in these parts
  6. Why specifically today? They must be taking a special care to look at applications this year I imagine!
  7. I have been expecting Stanford results every. single. day. since. january. 13.
  8. Are we expecting Stanford results today?
  9. Do schools normally request fall grades? I've seen some schools send an email requesting them, but for some I log back into their portal and there's an option to submit. UMD asked for my fall sem grades yesterday, I guess after their first round came out.
  10. I don't think so. They probably won't outright reject anyone until March once they've got their cohort.
  11. Will umd sent some rejection this week
  12. There's 8 Jan 24 acceptances in GradCafe for UMD. Assuming some 30% of admits post there, that's probably the entire first round.
  13. Maryland is very quiet yesterday?
  14. Last week
  15. it's still January big dawg; you're totally fine
  16. Me too! Trying to stay positive, but it's hard. Are you guys applying to back up options? If so, what are they?
  17. Me too did not receive anything yet, but this week hasn't finish yet!
  18. I emailed the admissions officer and they're still making decisions. According to email they anticipate being done sometime next week and will send letters out
  19. Seems like I didn't make it into UMD's first round 😞 Not a good start to the results season..
  20. Only a few econ programs do interviews.
  21. Thanks for sharing information! Do most econ phd applicants need to have an interview before they receive an offer? Why so many interview status on GC? What's the purpose of these interviews? Shortening the waitlist? Checking that you're not a moron and can speak English? What's the proportion of interviewees with an offer at the end of the day?
  22. No, I haven't heard anything from Emory yet
  23. Any news from Emory? Found someone got interviewed on GC
  24. Also me. But did everyone also receive the error message pay application fee stuff
  25. Anyone else have "pending" as their application status for Ohio State? I've only seen acceptances not any rejections. Not sure if that means I am rejected or waitlisted?
  26. I thought the email from Maryland was very kind and informative. It seemed he wanted to decrease our stress.
  27. It seems like applicants to other programs (EECS,Linguistics) received the email as well.
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