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  1. I’d echo this. The program I’m going to next year I almost didn’t apply for, and it was last on my list, but after learning about it I genuinely prefer it to others that I had ranked above it at the beginning. Your preferences can change, even within a few months.
  2. I’ve been told that if your recommendors know people on the adcoms and can reach out on your behalf that can sometimes get you some solid info, but yeah if you reach out most of the time you’ll hear “we had a lot of very good applications and could only accept so many”
  3. didn’t wvu recently abolish their entire math department? of course a phd is a phd but i’d be concerned starting there and hoping they won’t have more cuts for 6 years
  4. there were confirmed offers over the weekend per @econk, i haven’t seen anything today
  5. Also, northwestern places incredibly well if you’re doing pure theory, matching, or anything algorithmic/cs theory… significantly better for certain parts of theory than anything not T3
  6. Northwestern’s placements in theory dominate, right? They’ve done extremely well in the last few years.
  7. sadly, yes, this seems to be the new norm. there will of course be movement today (and probably tomorrow tbh)
  8. That’s really interesting— it seems absurd to not release students, especially since (theoretically) program-student matches should be stable (in the Gale-Shapley sense). Post-April-15 issues seem like another good argument for just running a match, rather than an admissions process.
  9. It’s specifically Stanford and UChicago, I’ve heard — they have longer waitlists than normal, especially Chicago, and that’s screwing everything up.
  10. Not on the waitlist, had heard nothing since I applied (and have sent multiple ignored emails)
  11. finally got the NYU rejection lmao, what a joke to spread them out over weeks
  12. At least at the top, Stanford won’t move until probably the 15th, which will cause a lot of movement in the top 10
  13. UCLA visit day is today so I assume there won’t be movement until after
  14. I think the funniest is the NYU rejection nobody has gotten yet. I recorded a YouTube video for them and everything!
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