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Thread: Sample Letter for the Extension of Deadline

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    Sample Letter for the Extension of Deadline

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    Hi Guys

    I am trying to write a letter to require an extension for the April 15th deadline. I will really appreciate if you guys provide me with a sample letter.


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    Well I would imagine that such a letter will be highly individually specific. I guess you have circumstances that justify a deadline extension? Just explain your situation to the school and ask them if it will be possible to get a deadline extension. I don't really think there's a specific format that will ensure you get a deadline, just be frank and honest.
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    Agreed, only you can write that letter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celtic_tiger_econ View Post
    Agreed, only you can write that letter.
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    If you're asking for an extension for a funded offer, don't bother. That date is set in stone.

    I did get an extension for the April 15th deadline from an unfunded offer though. It doesn't seem like something they're unwilling to do since there is no money attached. A simple one-paragraph e-mail will do...no need to draft an entire letter.

    Plus, you're running out of time in my opinion. Just send something out.

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