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Thread: Rules for and meaning of the word "however?"

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    I want to ask if there arule to use however in the sentence and what come after it

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    Hello there, and welcome to TestMagic.com!

    There are several rules to know about however.

    First, however is generally used between two sentences that have some sort of contrast.

    however can also be located in different places in the sentence.

    Look at these examples, all of which have the same meaning:
    [*]Megumi told me that her Japanese was not very good. However, I did not believe her.
    [*]Megumi told me that her Japanese was not very good; however, I did not believe her.
    [*]Megumi told me that her Japanese was not very good. I, however, did not believe her.[/list]
    Pay very close attention to the punctuation in these sentences; it's important.

    Hope that helps!

    Please post further questions here.


    Please search this newsgroup for FAQs & search TestMagic.com from the bottom of every page.

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