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Thread: TOEFL rescoring!

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    TOEFL rescoring!

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    Hi to all!
    I had got the test on the 3rd february and i got my scores two days ago.overall score: 98; R 27 L 27 S 19 W 25. I know that it's not possible to rescore reading and listening parts but as i needed 100 points on the test i am considering to make a rescore request for my speaking and writing scores. What would you suggest me to do? Should I go for a rescoring on both reading and speaking sections or should I choose just a section ( i'm thinking of speaking section). My levels on speaking and writng sections are as follows:

    Speaking about familiar topics Fair(2.5 - 3.0)
    Speaking about campus situations Fair(2.5 - 3.0)
    Speaking about academic course content Limited(1.5 - 2.0)

    Writing based on reading and listening Good(4.0 - 5.0)
    Writing based on knowledge and experience Good(4.0 - 5.0)

    I'm really stuck in this subject and i am only 2 points away from my goal so i would appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.

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    Rescore only speaking. Writing won't go up, I think, and there is a chance to go down. 19 --> 21 is possible on speaking.


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    thank you Tino. I hope it will go up.

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