Have a gripe? Want to vent? While we welcome the free exchange of ideas and opinions, we want TestMagic to remain a relatively polite, civil, and enjoyable place for its members. I would therefore like to ask our members to be prudent in their discussions and ensure that these discussions do not devolve into flame wars or unsubstantiated claims or attacks.

More specifically, I would ask that people not make such posts directed at individuals, no matter how right you may think you are or how wrong you think the individual may be. I think it's okay to express your disdain for a program or organization in general, but not for a specific person.

So, it's currently okay to discuss 'issues' in general, but please do not mention identifying information about an individual unless it is part of the readily-available public record (news articles, court documents, etc.). Of course, do not make allegations of illegal activity without similar documentation.

In the end, we're just a discussion forum; I don't think we can solve any truly serious issues here.