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Thread: PHD in Accounting: Profile evaluations

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    PHD in Accounting: Profile evaluations

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    Expected Profile in Summary:

    Age: 26 (will be 28 in 2014)
    GPA: 3.68 (Undergrad. Accounting - Small Liberal Arts University); 3.96 (Masters, Accounting - Top 10 Public University)
    Professional Experience: Johnson & Johnson (2007 - Financial Analyst, 6 month Co-op); Butler Business Accelerator (2008 - Student Analyst Intern, 1 yr)
    Deloitte & Toche (2009 - Audit Intern, 1 yr); Roche Diagnostics (2010-2012 - Accountant Full-term, 2.5 yrs); MassMutal (2012-2014 - Financial Services Representative, 2 yrs)
    Relevant Classes: Statistics (B+), Calculus 1 (in high school - 8 college credits), Microeconomics (A), Macroeconomics (B+), All accounting courses
    Research Experience: Graduate Assistant for MBA, Independent Study ("Does CSR really matter?")
    Publications: None (but I am not sure if I can get involved in any)
    Certifications: CPA (in progress)
    GMAT: +700 (expected)
    Research Interests: Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Reporting, Corporate Accounting & Governance

    Schools Targeting: Indiana, Northwestern, UIUC, UC Berkeley, Ohio State, UNC, Harvard, Cornell, MIT, GWU, Emory

    It seems my Math /Econ might be a little weak, so I plan taking Linear Algebra, Calc 2, Real Analysis and Econometrics?
    Any other schools you would recommend for me?

    I am in a decision making process and wanted to reach out for a advise and know how I should start planning.

    Just recently, I am consideration an offer to work for MassMutal as a financial services representative up in Chicago, if I take this opportunity my plan to enroll into the PHD program will most likely be delayed to 2014 Fall, instead of 2013. If I plan on shooting for my Fall 2013 PHD admission I plan to look for research / teaching assistant opportunity, while I also take math classes, GMAT prep, and sitting for the CPA exam during the semester full-time. Both options said, I am struggling what will be best if my ultimate goal is committed to wanting to teach and do research at a top ranked University as a professor in accounting.

    My question is, would adding 2 years of work as a financial services representative help my PHD admission profile? Is my expected profile look fine for possible admissions to any of the top schools?

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!
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