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Thread: Would you kindly help me with my profile evaluation

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    Would you kindly help me with my profile evaluation

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    I am planning to apply for PhD in Finance program in North America. I would be very grateful if anyone could evaluate my profile and give me comments about my decision for choosing right Universities in USA or CANADA. Here is my brief profile:

    B.Sc. Mechanical Eng. (from 1st eng college of Iran) GPA: 3.52
    MBA in Finance (in the best MBA program of Iran) GPA: 4.0

    TOEFL: 105 GMAT: 700(Q51, V32)

    1 journal paper in the field of market risk (It is not ISI journal);
    1 conference paper in econometrics, which is recommended for publication in an ISI journal

    Courses: Financial Engineering; Investment Management; Topics in Finance; Financial Management; Managerial Accounting; Advanced Financial Management; Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; Engineering Economics; Game Theory; Management Decision Models; Calculus I, Calculus II , Differential Equations, Engineering Mathematics; C++ Programming, Numerical Computation;

    TA: corporate finance; Investment management
    With honors in different exams and Olympiads and teaching experience for more than five years

    Could you please tell me for which universities I am competitive?
    I have searched websites of many schools from different states but actually I cannot find appropriate criteria to compare myself with applicants who have been accepted to PhD programs in Finance.

    It will be very helpful if anyone could suggest some universities which accept Asian students frequently?

    I have considered universities with rank between 20 and 50 according to US.News B.School ranking. What are your opinions about my chance for admission? Is it a real problem that my country is not internationally well known in the field of management despite its fame in the engineering?
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    Brilliant profile

    GPA 4.0 in MBA is really brilliant. Teaching experience is also do good to you if you pursue a research degree. I will suggest you to apply in the University of British Columbia, Canada. It is a well ranked university consistently holding a position between 30-40 since last few years. As far as I know there are lots of students from Iran currently admitted there. According to my belief your profile is competent enough to get admitted in any top notch university of USA or Canada. All the best.

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    Attention please!

    First of all, Iranians are not categorized as "Asians" in north America. In addition, you should have started this thread in "PhD in Business" section. Finally, I suggest you to stick to UC schools!

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    There are increasing number of applicants coming from Iran and a lot of them do have superb grades. What would make you distinguish between them are your reseach experiences and notable journals you can publish. Other than that, you might want to look into canadian schools, UBC is a good choice and might be suitable for your profile but if you can get more notable research experiences, top schools in the US could still be on the table. Best of luck

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