Type of Undergrad: top 15 Econ Programme

Undergrad GPA:
3.7 (but only 3.4 in Economics, 3,8 in Poli Sci, and 3.6 in Math - i did a double major in econ and poli science, with a math minor).

Math Courses: Calc II, Calc III, Statistics, Linear Algebra

Econ Courses: Macro I, Macro II, Micro I, Micro II, Money and Banking, International Econ, Urban Econ, Econometrics I and Financial Econ

Political Science Courses: Comparative politics, International Politics, Political Theory, German Politics, French Politics, Political Science Honors I and II, American Primacy, Political Economy

GRE Scores: 165V, 166Q, 5.0 AW

Letters of Recommendation: I understand one should be professional as I have been out of academia for a bit... This one shouldnt be a problem, as my bosses and directors have been very willing to write a good letter. The two others, one will be from a professor I took an intermediate course with, and got an A. The other from an associate professor who i took several classes with.

Research Interests: Macroeconomics (more specifically monetary and fiscal policy), Political Economy, Financial Economics, Development economics

SOP: General

Research Experience: wrote some papers while at school, only one published (political science honors thesis), and did write another at the bank i work in.

Teaching Experience: None whatsoever

Other: Been working at a bank for the last few years. Speak five languages, and have some very light experience with coding (only VBA).

I was thinking of applying to top phd programs, but the more I look at these forums I realize I had been underestimating the difficulty. Iíve since pivoted into applying to schools in the 15-30 range, and to masters programs that can help me get into PhD programs later. I am scared that my application is still weak though- what are my odds of getting into TSE, GSE, LSE, Bocconi, Mannheim, UBC, UWO or U of T- if these would be hard to get into, what are realistic Canadian/European options? What are good American masters programs to help for PHD that would be within my range?