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    TOEFL Vocab Z

    1999. ZEALOT n. a fanatic; an overly zealous person; enthusiast 2000. ZENITH n. highest point; summit
  2. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab Y

    1998. YIELD n. amount produced; return on an investment.
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    TOEFL Vocab W

    1980. WANDER v. to roam; travel aimlessly; stroll; go astray. 1981. WARRANT v. to justify; deserve; guarantee; authorize. 1982. WARY adj. cautious; careful 1983. WAVER v. to vacillate; falter; show indecision 1984. WEARY adj. tired; exhausted; fatigued 1985. WEIRD adj. unusual; strange; unearthly. 1986. WHIMSICAL adj. quaintly humorous; capricious; unusual 1987. WIDESPREAD adj. covering a large area; widely occurring. 1988. WILDERNESS n. an uninhabited area; area with wild animals. 1989. WILT v. to become limp; droop; weaken. 1990. WILY adj. cunning; sly; calculating. 1991. WINCE v. to flinch; show pain or distress; shrink back 1992. WITHER v. to dry up and shrivel; droop; fade 1993. WITTY adj. clever wad humorous. 1994. WRATH n. rage; fury; fierce anger; vengeance. 1995. WRECK v. to destroy; ruin; dismantle 1996. WRETCHED adj. miserable; lowly; despicable. 1997. WRIGGLE v. to twist and turn; squirm; escape by shrewdness.
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    TOEFL Vocab V

    1934. VACANT adj. empty; unoccupied; expressionless; stupid 1935. VACILLATE v. to waver; fluctuate; swing from side to side. 1936. VAGABOND n. a wanderer; tramp; vagrant; drifter. 1937. VAGUE adj. unclear; imprecise; indistinct; ambiguous 1938. VALID adj. legally sound; just; well supported; effective 1939. VALUABLE adj. highly prized; of great worth; costly. 1940. VANISH v. to disappear; fade away; cease to exist. 1941. VANITY n. excessive pride; conceit; worthlessness. 1942. VANQUISHED adj. defeated; conquered; suppressed 1943. VARIABLE adj. changeable; not constant 1944. VARIED adj. having many forms; assorted; differing; diversified 1945. VEER v. to turn aside; swerve; change direction. 1946. VEHEMENT adj. ardent; emphatic; vigorous; violent; forceful 1947. VENDOR n. a salesman; peddler; seller of goods. 1948. VENERABLE adj. worthy of respect; honorable 1949. VENTURE n. a daring undertaking; risky enterprise 1950. VERBATIM adj. word for word 1951. VERBOSE adj. wordy; having more words than are necessary. 1952. VERDICT n. the decision of jury; judgment; conclusion 1953. VERIFY v. to prove to be true; substantiate; ascertain 1954. VERSATILE adj. able to do many tasks; having many uses 1955. VESTIGE n. a trace; remainder; something left over. 1956. VETERAN n. a former soldier; one with a lot of experience 1957. VIABLE adj. capable of surviving; practicable; workable 1958. VIBRANT adj. full of energy; vigorous. 1959. VIBRATE v. to move back and forth rapidly; quiver. 1960. VICARIOUS adj. experienced indirectly; substituted 1961. VICINITY n. the region near a place; proximity. 1962. VICIOUS adj. malicious; evil; cruel; wicked. 1963. VIGILANCE n. watchfulness 1964. VIGOROUS adj. lively; robust; energetic; healthy. 1965. VILIFY v. to defame; slander; malign. 1966. VILLAIN n. a scoundrel; wicked person; evil character. 1967. VINDICATE v. to clear from accusation; justify 1968. VINDICTIVE adj. vengeful 1969. VIOLATE v. to break a trust or rule; injure; harm, profane; infringe 1970. VIRTUOUS adj. morally upright; righteous; pure. 1971. VITALITY n. energy; liveliness; exuberance; vigor. 1972. VIVACIOUS adj. animated; vibrant 1973. VIVID adj. intense1y bright; animated; life-like; vigorous. 1974. VOCIFEROUS adj. clamorous; loud; noisy. 1975. VOID adj. empty; unfilled; invalid; ineffectual; null 1976. VOLATILE adj. evaporating quickly; fickle; unstable 1977. VOLUPTUOUS adj. pleasing to the senses; full inform; sensuous. 1978. VORACIOUS adj. greedy; ravenous. 1979. VULNERABLE adj. susceptible to attack; insufficiently defended
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    TOEFL Vocab U

    1903. UBIQUITOUS adj. omnipresent; en sting everywhere. 1904. ULTIMATE adj. final; conclusive; maximum, decisive; last 1905. UNANIMOUS adj. all agreeing or of the same opinion 1906. UNAWARE adj. not knowing or realizing; not conscious of 1907. UNBEARABLE adj. intolerable; unendurable. 1908. UNCIVILIZED adj. barbarous; lacking culture; primitive 1909. UNCOMPROMISING adj inflexible; not willing to make concessions; rigid 1910. UNCOUTH adj. rude; ill-mannered; crude; clumsy; awkward 1911. UNDERLYING adj. basic; fundamental; implicit. 1912. UNFORTUNATE adj. unlucky; regrettable; disastrous; hapless. 1913. UNGAINLY adj. awkward; clumsy; not graceful; uncouth. 1914. UNIFORMITY n. sameness; lack of variation; homogeneity. 1915. UNILATERAL adj. involving only one side. 1916. UNIVERSAL adj. worldwide; applicable to all; comprehensive. 1917. UNKEMPT adj untidy; messy; disheveled 1918. UNMITIGATED adj. unrelieved; absolute 1919. UNOBTRUSIVE adj. inconspicuous; not noticeable 1920. UNORGANIZED adj. lacking order; confused; not systematic 1921. UNPRECEDENTED adj. never been done before; novel 1922. UNRULY adj. ungovernable; not submissive; headstrong; recalcitrant 1923. UNSEEMLY adj. improper; not in good taste; indecorous 1924. UNSOPHISTICATED adj. naive; unworldly; inexperienced 1925. UNSTABLE adj. changeable; fluctuating; unsteady; not secure. 1926. UNWARRANTED adj. without justification; undeserved; groundless. 1927. UNWIELDY adj. awkward; ungainly; difficult to handle; clumsy. 1928. UPHEAVAL n. a violent bursting up; uprising; revolt 1929. UPROARIOUS adj. hilarious; boisterous; noisy; clamorous. 1930. USURP v. to seize power without right. 1931. UTILIZE v. to make use of, put into service. 1932. UTOPIA n. ideal but nonexistent place 1933. UTTER adj. complete; absolute.
  6. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab T

    1831. TACIT adj. silent; unspoken. 1832. TACITURN adj. quiet; saying little; uncommunicative. 1833. TACT it ability to say the right thing; diplomacy; subtlety; discretion. 1834. TAINT v. to stain; corrupt; spoil 1835. TALLY it an account; record; score; count 1836. TAMPER v. to interfere; meddle; touch improperly. 1837. TANGIBLE adj. capable of being touched; concrete; real 1838. TANTALIZE v. to lease by arousing expectation. 1839. TARDY adj. late; delayed overdue; sluggish. 1840. TARNISH v. to discolor; sully; detract from; taint 1841. TAUNT v. to ridicule; deride; jeer at; provoke 1842 TAUT adj. stretched tight; tense; stiff; trim; tidy. 1843. TEASE v. to make fun of annoy; pester; mock playfully; tantalize. 1844. TEDIOUS adj. boring; tiresome. 1845. TEMPER n. mood; disposition; composure; irritability 1846. TEMPT v. to entice lure; invite; provoke 1847. TENACIOUS adj. persistent; stubborn; holding fast. 1848. TENDENCY n. an inclination; propensity; disposition. 1849. TENTATIVE adj. provisional; uncertain; experimental; temporary. 1850. TENUOUS adj. slender; weak 1851. TEPID adj. lukewarm; not very enthusiastic. 1852. TERMINATE v. to end; finish; conclude; cease; halt 1853. TERRIFY v. to frighten; scare intimidate; make afraid 1854. TESTIFY v. to declare; under oath; attest to the facts. 1855. THOROUGH adj. complete; exhaustive; careful 1856. THOUGHTFUL adj. considerate; concerned; contemplative 1857. THREATEN v. to menace; intimidate; endanger. 1858. THRIFTY adj. economical; frugal; industrious. 1859. THRILL v. to greatly excite; delight; tremble or quiver. 1860. THRONG n. a large crowd or group; multitude 1861. THUMP n. a heavy blow; dull sound made by a blow; thud 1862. THWART v. to prevent; frustrate; block 1863. TILTED adj. tipped; leaning; slanted 1864. TIPTOE v. to walk on the toes; walk quietly. 1865. TOLERATE v. to allow; permit; put up with; bear; endures 1866. TORMENT v. to cause to suffer; annoy; distress; harass; anguish. 1867. TORRENTIAL adj. flowing wildly and abundantly; overwhelming. 1868 TORTURE v. to inflict mental or physical pain torment; distort 1869. TOUCHY adj. overly sensitive irritable; risky; delicate. 1870. TOURNAMENT n. a contest; formal competition 1871 TRAGIC adj. disastrous; lamentable; extremely unfortunate 1872. TRAITOR n. one who betrays; one who commits treason; renegade. 1873. TRANQUILLITY n. serenity; calmness peacefulness 1874. TRANSACT v. to carry out; conduct business; perform 1875. TRANSCEND v. to go beyond; surpass; exceed 1876. TRANSFER v. to move to another place; copy onto something. 1877. TRANSFORM v. to change the form or appearance of; convert 1878. TRANSIENT adj. fleeting; transitory; temporary. 1879. TRANSPARENT adj. dear; obvious; easily understood or seen through. 1880. TRANSPIRE v. to occur; become known. 1881. TRANSPORT v. to carry to another place; move emotionally. 1882. TRAVERSE v. to travel across; examine; go counter to. 1883. TREACHEROUS adj. betraying a mat; disloyal; dangerous; deceptive 1884. TREATMENT n. a remedy; care; therapy. 1885. TREATY n. a formal agreement between nations; pact 1886. TREMBLE v. to shake involuntarily; shiver with fear; quaver. 1887. TREMENDOUS adj. very large; enormous; gigantic; wonderful 1888. TREND n. direction of movement; inclination; tendency. 18S9. TRIBUTARY n. river or stream that flows into a larger body of water. 1890. TRICKERY n. deception; artifice; use of tricks. 1891. TRITE adj. commonplace; overused; hackneyed; cliche 1892. TRIVIA n. unimportant matters or facts; trifles. 1893. TRIVIAL adj. unimportant; trifling; commonplace; ordinary; paltry. 1894. TROPHY n. a prize; symbol of victory. 1895. TUG v. to pull; haul; drag. 1896. TUMBLE v. to fall over; stumble; collapse; do acrobatics. 1897. TUMULT n. disorderly commotion; disturbance; excitement 1898. TURBULENT adj. tumultuous; violently agitated; unruly. 1899. TURMOIL n. confusion; commotion; agitation; tumult 1900. TWILIGHT n. dim light at the end of a day; period of decline. 1901. TWOFOLD adj. having two parts; double. 1902. TYRANNICAL adj. despotic; oppressive.
  7. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab S

    1632. SACRED adj. holy; venerable; dedicated to a deity, hallowed 1633. SAGACIOUS adj. wise; shrewd 1634. SALVAGE v. to save from destruction; rescue. 1635. SANCTION v. to authorize; approve; legitimize. 1636. SARCASM n. a taunting comment; witty mockery. 1637. SARCASTIC adj. taunting; sharply witty; ironic; satirical 1638. SATIRICAL adj. ridiculing; sarcastic; ironic 1639. SATURATE v. to soak; surfeit; fill to capacity. 1640. SAVAGE adj. uncivilized; barbarous; uncultivated 1641. SAYING n. a familiar expression; word of wisdom; proverb. 1642. SCANDAL n. a public disgrace; outrage. 1643. SCANTY adj. meager; deficient; limited 1644. SCARCITY n. a shortage; insufficiency; dearth 1645. SCATTER v. to separate; disperse; distribute haphazardly, diffuse 1646. SCHEDULE a program of events; written list; agenda 1647. SCHEME n. a plan; system; plot; intrigue. 1648. SCIENTIFIC adj. objective and factual; systematic. 1649. SCOLD v. to find fault; reprimand; criticize harshly. 1650. SCOPE n. outlook; extent; intellectual range 1651. SCORCH v. to burn; char; singe; criticize severely. 1652. SCORN v. to treat as inferior; despise; reject 1653. SCOUNDREL n. a villain; undisciplined or wicked person 1654. SCRAMBLE v. to climb hurriedly; struggle or strive for; 1655. SCRAP n. a small piece; fragment; discarded, metal 1656. SCREECH n. a high-pitched cry; shriek; scream. 1657. SCREEN v. to conceal; protect; shield; hide; separate; sift 1658. SCRUB v. to dean by rubbing; to wash. 1659. SCRUPULOUS adj. principled; conscientious. 1660. SCRUTINIZE v. go examine closely; inspect critically; investigate. 1661. SECLUDED adj. remote; removed from others; hidden. 1662. SECULAR adj. temporal; worldly. 1663. SECURITY n. safety; freedom from risk; confidence. 1664. SEDATE adj. composed; serious. 1665. SEDENTARY adj. inactive. 1666. SEGMENT n. a portion; part; section. 1667. SEIZE v. to take hold of; grasp; comprehend; capture; apprehend 1668. SELECTIVE adj. careful in choosing; discriminating; particular. 1669. SENSIBLE adj. reasonable; perceptible by the senses; aware. 1670. SENSITIVE adj. responsive to stimulation; easily hurt or affected 1671. SENTIMENTAL adj. emotional; romantic; appealing to feelings 1672. SENTRY n. a guard; one who keeps watch; sentinel 1673. SERENITY n. calmness; tranquility. 1674. SEVER v. to divide or cut into parts; separate; break off 1675. SEVERE adj. harsh; strict; stein; serious; extreme. 1676. SHABBY adj. worn out; seedy; deteriorated; mean. 1677. SHAKY adj. trembling; unsteady; wavering; insecure 1678. SHALLOW adj. not deep; superficial; lacking depth. 1679. SHATTER v. to break into pieces; ruin; seriously impair. 1680. SHELTER n. a protected or covered place; refuge; asylum 1681. SHIMMER v. to shine; flash; glimmer; flicker. 1682. SHREWD adj. keen; quick-witted clever; tricky; astute 1683. SHRIEK n. a shrill outcry; screech; scream 1684. SHRIVEL v. to shrink up wad wrinkle; lose vitality. 1685. SHUN v. to deliberately avoid; keep away from 1686. SIGNIFICANT adj. meaningful; important; suggestive. 1687. SIMPLICITY n. a lack of complexity; condition of being simple 1688. SIMULATE v. to imitate; pretend 1689. SINISTER adj harmful; evil; ominous. 1690. SINUOUS adj. having many turns or curves; winding; devious. 1691. SKEPTIC n. a doubter; one inclined to skepticism 1692. SKEPTICAL adj. doubting; disbelieving; questioning. 1693. SKETCHY adj. not detailed; incomplete. 1694. SKIM v. to remove top layer; glide over; read superficially. 1695. SKIRMISH n. a minor battle or dispute. 1696. SLANDER v. to defame; malign; spread damaging things. 1697. SLAP v. to strike with the palm of the hand; criticize 1698. SLAUGHTER v. to butcher animals; kill many; massacre 1699. SLAY v. to kill by violence. 1700. SLEAZY adj. funny; cheap; shoddy; insubstantial 1701. SLEEK adj. smooth and polished; glossy; well-groomed 1702. SLIGHT adj. small; meager; of tilde importance; slender; frail 1703. SLIT n. a long, narrow cut; a tear; slash. 1704. SLUGGISH adj. lazy; slow; inactive; lacking vigor; lethargic. 1705. SLY adj. clever; cunning; crafty; deceitful 1706. SNATCH v. to grab hastily; seize; grasp; take violently. 1707. SOAR v. to fly; glide through the air; rise up. 1708. SOLAR adj. pertaining to the sun 1709. SOLELY adv. alone; singly; exclusively. 1710. SOLICIT v. to seek; request; entreat 1711. SOLITUDE n isolation; seclusion; state of being alone 1712. SOMBER adj. dark; gloomy. 1713. SONOROUS adj full of sound; resonant; impressive. 1714. SOOTHE v. to calm, ease the pain of; relieve; assuage, mollify 1715. SORROWFUL adj sad; mournful; full of grief 1716. SPACIOUS adj. roomy; extensive; vast 1717. SPAN n. extent or measure of something; breadth; time. 1718. SPARSE adj. not dense; thinly distribute 1719. SPECIES n. a biological classification; distinct category. 1720. SPECIFIC adj. definite; explicit; particular; distinctive. 1721. SPECIMEN n. a representative example; sample. 1722. SPECK n. a small spot; dot of color; any particle 1723. SPECTACLE n. public performance; striking sight or display. 1724. SPECULATE v. to conjecture; theorize; think about; risk money. 1725. SPIRITED adj vigorous; animated; full of courage. 1726. SPLENDID adj. excellent; grand; magnificent; admirable 1727. SPLURGE n. an extravagant expense or display. 1728. SPOIL v. to damage; decay; disrupt; overindulge. 1729. SPONTANEOUS adj. arising naturally or impulsively; without planning 1730. SPORADIC adj. infrequent; occurring irregularly. 1731. SPRAWL v. to spread or stretch out awkwardly. 1732. SPURT n. a sudden gush of liquid; sudden effort 1733. SQUABBLE v. to quarrel over something minor; bicker; argue. 1734. SQUALOR n. misery; filth; poverty. 1735. SQUANDER v. to waste; use up; spend extravagantly. 1736. SQUASH v. to crush; flatten; suppress. 1737. STABILITY n. firmness; permanence; resistance to change 1738. STACK n. an orderly pile; heap; bookcase. 1739. STAGGER v. to move unsteadily; arrange in a zigzag pattern; lurch. 1740. STAGNANT adj. not moving; foul from inactivity 1741. STALE adj. not fresh; trite. 1742. STALL v. to delay; cause to stop; evade. 1743. STALWART adj. robust; resolute; strong; uncompromising. 1744. STAPLE n. a major commodity; major part; wire fastener. 1745. STARK adj. barren; desolate; complete; extreme; blunt. 1746. STARTLE v. to surprise; frighten; alarm; shock 1747. STARVE v. to suffer or die from lack of food; be in need 1748. STATIC adj. stationary; quiescent; unchanging. 1749. STATIONARY adj. not moving; fixed in position; unchanging. 1750. STEADFAST adj. firm; loyal; resolute. 1751. STELLAR adj. star-like; outstanding; principal 1732. STERN adj. harsh; severe; inflexible; austere; strict. 1753. STIFLE v. to suppress; smother; suffocate. 1754. STIGMA n. mark of infamy or grace 1755. STIMULATE v. to excite; spur to action; invigorate; provoke; whet 1756. STINGY adj. reluctant to spend; tightfisted; miserly; scanty. 1757. STIPEND n. payment; allowance 1758. STIPULATION n. a condition; provision. 1759. STORE v. to put away for future use; stock 1760. STRAGGLE v. to wander; lag behind; stray; spread irregularly. 1761. STRAIN v. to stretch too far; injure by overuse; filter. 1762. STRATEGIC adj. of vital importance; essential 1763. STRAY v. to wander; become lost; deviate; digress. 1764. STREAMLINED adj. designed to flow efficiently; modernized 1765. STRICT adj. severe; not permissive; precise; exact; absolute i766. STRIKING adj. impressive; prominent 1767. STRIVE v. to make a strenuous effort; struggle; endeavor. 1768. STROLL v. to walk leisurely. 1769. STUBBORN adj. not easily persuaded; obstinate; resistant 1770. STUMBLE v. to trip; stagger; blunder; discover accidentally. 1771. STUNT v. to hinder growth or development 1772. STUPEFY v. to amaze; astonish; shock; deprive of sensibility. 1773. STURDY adj. strong; robust; vigorous; durable 1774. SUBDUE v. to conquer; bring under control; repress. 1775. SUBMERGE v. to cover with water; inundate; obscure. 1776. SUBMISSIVE adj. yielding; obedient; docile 777. SUBORDINATE n. secondary; of a lower rank; inferior. 1778. SUBSEQUENT adj. following in time; succeeding; later 1779. SUBSERVIENT adj. servile; subordinate; humble. 1780. SUBSIDE v. to sink lower; abate; become quiet 1781. SUBSTANTIAL adj. solidly built; considerable; real; ample. 1782. SUBSTANTIATE v. to support with evidence; verify; confirm 1783. SUBSTITUTE n. replacement; one taking the place of another. 1784. SUBTERRANEAN adj. underground; hidden; secret 1785. SUBTLETY n. delicacy tact; nicety; cunning. 1786. SUBVERT v. to undermine; overthrow. 1787. SUCCEED v. to come after; accomplish something; do well 1788. SUCCESSIVE adj. following in order or sequence; consecutive. 1789. SUCCINCT adj. concise; terse; brief and clear 1790. SUCCUMB v. to submit under pressure; yield; give up; die 1791. SUFFICE v. to meet requirements; satisfy needs 1792. SUFFICIENT adj adequate; as much as needed; enough. 1793. SUFFOCATE v. to smother; stifle; keep from breathing; choke 1794. SUITABLE adj. appropriate; fit; satisfactory; applicable. 1795. SULK v. to be silently resentful or unhappy. 1796. SULLEN adj. gloomy; morose; somber; resentful 1797. SULLY v. to soil; defile; tarnish. 1798. SULTRY adj. hot and humid; passionate. 1799. SUMMARIZE v. to restate briefly; condense; make a summary of; recapitulate 1800. SUMMON v. to send for; request to appear; call together. 1801. SUPERFLUOUS adj. beyond what is necessary; extra; nonessential 1802. SUPERIOR adj higher in rank; of greater value; overly proud 1803. SUPERSEDE v. to replace; supplant; succeed 1804. SUPPLANT v. to take the place of displace; supersede. 1805. SUPPLEMENT n. an added section or part 1806. SUPPLIES n. provisions; necessary equipment 1807. SUPPORT v. to holdup; sustain; aid; provide for. 1808. SUPPRESS v. to restrain; subdue; withhold from publication; quash 1809. SUPREME adj greatest in power or importance; dominant. 1810. SURLY adj. ill-tempered; not civil 1811. SURMISE n. an inference; conjecture; guess. 1812. SURPASS v to exceed; transcend; excel 1813. SURPLUS n. an excess; what is left over. 1814. SURRENDER v. to give up; submit; capitulate; relinquish. 1815. SURVEILLANCE n. observation of a person or group; supervision. 1816. SUSCEPTIBLE adj. capable of being affected or influenced; liable. 1817. SUSPECT v. to believe to be guilty; distrust, doubt; surmise 1818. SUSPEND v. to hang from above delay; postpone; interrupt 1819. SUSTAIN v. to maintain; prolong; keep alive; provide for; buoy. 1820. SWAMP v. to flood; overwhelm, burden. 1821. SWAP v. to exchange; trade; barter. 1822. SWARM n. a group of bees; a mob; throng; flock 1823. SWERVE v. to turn suddenly; veer. 1824. SYMMETRICAL adj. balanced; proportionate; equivalent. 1825. SYMPATHETIC adj. compassionate; sharing a feeling; agreeable 1826. SYNCHRONIZE v. to operate in unison; be simultaneous; coincide. 1827. SYNOPSIS n. a summary; outline; abstract; brief overview. 1828. SYNTHESIS n. combination of separate things; product 1829. SYNTHETIC adj. artificial; man-made; devised 1830. SYSTEMATIC adj. methodical; orderly.
  8. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab R

    1513. RADIANT adj. shining; glowing; beaming; emitting; radiation 1514 RAGE v. to speak angrily; move or spread violently. 1515. RAID n. a surprise attack or incursion; sudden invasion 1516. RAMBLE v. to wander aimlessly; roam; grow irregularly 1517. RAMIFICATION n. an outgrowth; consequence. 1518. RAMPANT adj. unchecked; unrestrained 1519. RANCOR n. bitterness; hatred; enmity 1520. RANDOM adj. haphazard; casual 1521. RANGE n. extent; scope; grazing land; a stove. 1522. RASH adj. acting without caution; reckless; hasty. 1523. RATIFY v. to formally approve; sanction; confirm 1524. RATIONAL adj. having or displaying reason; sane; logical 1525. RAZE v. to demolish. 1526. REBELLIOUS adj. defiant; resisting control; unruly; insubordinate; mutinous 1527. RECANT v. retract; disavow. 1528. RECAPITULATE v. to summarize; repeat in a concise form. 1529. RECIPIENT adj. one who receives or accepts something 1530. RECITE v. to orally repent something memorized; tell; list. 1531. RECKLESS adj. daring; careless; rash; uncontrolled 1532. RECLUSE n. one who withdraws from the world; a hermit 1533. RECOGNIZE v. to identify from memory;; know; acknowledge. 1534. RECOLLECTION n. something recalled or remembered 1535. RECONCILE v. to reestablish a relationship; resolve; accept; mediate. 1536. RECOUNT v. to tell; narrate; relate 1537. RECOUP v. to recover or make up for ones losses. 1538. RECTIFY v. to make right; correct 1539. RECUPERATE v. to return to health; recover. 1540. RECURRENT adj. appearing again; returning repeatedly. 1541. REDUNDANT adj. more than is needed; superfluous; repetitive 1542. REFINED adj. cultivated; polished; pure; sub1le~ 1543. REFLECTION n. a mirror image; careful consideration; comment 1544. REFORM v. to change; improve; make over. 1545. REFRAIN v. to hold ones elf back; abstain 1546. REFURBISH v. to renovate; make fresh or clean again. 1547. REFUTE v. to show to be false; disprove; deny; contradict 1548. REGIMENT n. governmental rule; regulated system 1549. REGRESS v. to revert; go back; relapse 1550. REGULATE v. to direct or control; keep in order; adjust. 1551. REHEARSE v. to practice for a performance; recite. 1552. REIMBURSE v. to repay; refund; compensate. 1553. REITERATE v. to repeat 1554. REJUVENATE v. to make youthful; restore vigor; renew; refresh. 1555. RELAPSE v. to revert; slip back; regress; backslide 1556 RELEASE v. to set free; liberate; relinquish; unfasten 1557. RELENTLESS adj. persistent; unyielding; pitiless 1558. RELEVANT adj. pertinent; related; applicable 1559. RELIABLE adj. dependable; trustworthy. 1560. RELIC n. a very old object or custom; memento. 1561. RELIGIOUSLY adv. conscientiously; diligently; devoutly. 1562. RELINQUISH v. go give up; surrender; renounce. 1563. RELISH v. to enjoy; like; take pleasure in. 1564. RELUCTANT adj. unwilling; resisting; disinclined 1565. REMAINDER n. something left over; a surplus; remains; residue. 1566. REMEDY n. cure; treatment; medicine 1567. REMISS adj. tax, negligent; careless; sluggish. 1568. REMNANT n. left over piece; small remainder. 1569, REMORSE n. guilt; anguished regret 1570. RENDER v. to give; relinquish; represent; perform 1571. RENOUNCE v. to disown; repudiate; abandon, give up. 1572. RENOWNED adj. famous; acclaimed 1573. REPELLENT adj. resistant; repulsive; distasteful 1574. REPLENISH v. to make full again; restock 1575. REPLICATE v. to duplicate; repeat; copy. 1576. REPORT v. to present; relate; write an account of 1577. REPRIEVE n. postponement; temporary relief 1578. REPRODUCTION n. a copy of something. 1579. REPUDIATE v. to reject; disown; renounce 1580. REPUGNANT adj. distasteful; repulsive; offensive. 1581. REPULSIVE adj. disgusting; repugnant; tending to repel 1582. REQUEST v. to ask for; demand 1583. REQUIRED adj. necessary; needed; essential 1584. REQUISITE adj. required; essential; necessary. 1585. RESEMBLE v. to look like; be similar to. 1586. RESIDENCE n. dwelling; place where one lives; house. 1587. RESIDUE n. the remainder of something; something leftover. 1588. RESIGNED adj. reconciled; acquiescent; passively submitting. 1589. RESIST v. to oppose; withstand; abstain from. 1590. RESOLUTE adj. firm unwavering; fixed; resolved; determined 1591. RESOLVE n. determination; firmness; a resolution. 1592. RESOURCEFUL adj. able to effectively use what is available. 1593. RESPECTED adj. highly regarded; esteemed; honored 1594. RESPOND v. to answer; make a reply; react. 1595. RESPONSIBLE adj. trustworthy; accountable; capable; answerable 1596. RESTLESS adj. not related; uneasy; unable to sleep. 1597. RESTORE v. to return to former condition; renew; reestablish. 1598. RESTRAIN v. to hold back; confine; restrict; control; hamper. 1599. RESTRICT v. to limit; restrain; inhibit; hamper. 1600. RESUME v. to begin again; fake up again; continue. 1601. RESUME n. summary; brief account of working experiences 1602. RETAIN v. lo keep; hold on to; remember; hire. 1603. RETARD v. to impede; delay; hinder. 1604. RETICENT adj, silent; restrained; reserved 1605. RETORT v. to reply; answer sharply; return. 1606. RETRACT v. to withdraw; recant; take back 1607. RETRIBUTION n. punishment; revenge 1608. REVEAL v. to make known; expose; show; disclose. 1609. REVENUE n. income; public funds 1610. REVERSE adj. opposite; contrary; turned backward; inverted 1611. REVERT v. Logo back; return to former condition. 1612. REVISE v. to correct; change; modify; revamp. 1613. REVIVE v. to bring back to life; restore; renew; resurrect. 1614. REVOKE v. to repeal; ctmce4 take back 1615. REVULSION n. a violent change of feeling; disgust; loathing. 1616. RHYTHM n. a regular variation or pattern; beat; meter. 1617. RIDICULE v. to make fun of, mock; deride. 1618. RIDICULOUS adj. foolish; absurd; silly; laughable 1619. RITUAL n. a ceremony; sacred rite; formalized procedure 1620. RIVAL n. a competitor; opponent 1621. ROAM v. to wander; travel without purpose. 1622. ROBUST adj. strong; sturdy; vigorous; healthy. 1623. ROLE n. actor’s part; expected behavior; position; function 1624. ROTATE v. to spin; turn; alternate. 1625. ROUGH adj. not smooth; crude; approximate; harsh. 1626. ROUTINE n. an often repeated procedure; regular activity. 1627. RUMOR n. an unconfirmed story; hearsay; gossip. 1628. RURAL adj. in the countryside; rustic; pastoral; agricultural 1629. RUSTIC adj. pertaining to the country; rural; simplex 1630. RUSTY adj. corroded; out of practice; reddish brown. 1631. RUTHLESS adj. merciless; crud; having no pity.
  9. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab Q

    1505. QUANTIFY v. to express in numbers; specify amount 1506. QUARRELSOME adj. tending to quarrel or argue; belligerent 1507. QUARTERLY adj. occurring every three months; having four parts 1508. QUENCH v. to satisfy; put out; cool down; repress. 1509. QUEST n. a pursuit; search. 1510. QUIRK n. a sudden twist; peculiarity; unpredictable event. 1511 QUIZ v. to question; examine; test; interrogate 1512 QUOTA n. an assigned share; allotment; production goal
  10. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab P

    1332. PACIFY v. to appease; restore calm make peaceful 1333. PACKAGE n. small wrapped bundle or box; container; parcel 1334. PACT n. an agreement; treaty; compact 1335. PALATABLE adj. acceptable; agreeable; sufficiently tasty; appetizing 1336. PALTRY adj. petty; trifling; insignificant 1337. PAMPHLET n. a booklet; brochure. 1338. PANIC n. a sudden attack of fear or terror. 1339. PARADIGM n. example; model 1340. PARADISE n. heaven; an ideal place of great beauty. 1341. PARADOX n. inexplicable problem; self-contradictory thing. 1342. PARALYZE v. to make unable to move; make inoperative 1343. PARAMOUNT adj. of foremost importance. 1344. PARAPHRASE v. to restate or summarize using other words 1345. PARASITE n. something that lives or feeds off another. 1346. PARDON v. to excuse; forgive; absolve 1347. PARTICIPATE v. to rake an active part; share or join an. 1348. PARTITION v. to divide. 1349. PASSAGE n. a means or ad of traveling; excerpt or segment 1350. PASSIVE adj. unresisting; not active; submissive. 1351. PASTORAL adj. pertaining to shepherds; rural 1352. PATHETIC adj. lamentable; sad; inadequate. 1353. PATIENCE n. the capacity to calmly wait or endure. 13S4. PATRIOT n. one who loves and defends his or her country. 1355. PATRON n. a benefactor; Supporter; regular customer. 1356. PAUCITY n. scarcity; fewness 1357. PAUPER n. an extremely poor person; recipient of charity. 1358. PEDESTRIAN adj. ordinary; commonplace; on foot 1359. PEEK v. to sneak a look at; glance quickly. 1360. PEERLESS adj. unmatched 1361 PENCHANT n. inclination 1362. PENETRATE v. to pierce; permeate; enter; understand 1363. PENSIVE adj. thoughtful; reflective; melancholy. 1364. PERCH n. a place for sitting or resting; a roost for bird 1365. PERFORATED adj. having a series of punched holes; penetrated 1366. PERILOUS adj. dangerous; risky. 1367. PERIODIC adj. recurring at intervals; intermittent 1368. PERIPIWRY n. outermost area; fringe. 1369. PERMANENT adj. lasting; unchanging; fixed 1370. PERMEATE v. to pervade penetrate; infiltrate 1371. PERMISSIBLE adj. allowable; permitted 1372. PERPETUAL adj. continuous; ceaseless; everlasting 1373. PERPETUATE v. to continue indefinitely; prolong. 1374. PERPLEX v. to confuse; puzzle; bewilder. 1375. PERSECUTE v. to oppress; persistently harass; cause to suffer. 1376. PERSEVERE v. to slick with something; persist be steadfast 1377. PERSISTENT adj enduring; persevering; continuous 1378. PERSPECTIVE n. point of view; relative position; illusion of depth. 1379. PERSPIRE v. to sweat; excrete through the pores. 1380. PERSUADE v. to convince; win over; prevail upon 1381. PERTINENT adj. relevant; appropriate; related 1382. PERTURB v. to upset; greatly disturb; agitate. 1383. PERUSE v. to read attentively; examine. 1384. PERVADE v. to permeate; spread throughout 1385. PERVASIVE adj. present throughout; widespread 1386. PESSIMISM n. tendency to expect the worst; gloominess. 1387. PETITION n. a formal written request 1388. PETTY adj. trivial; small; insignificant; mean. 1389. PHENOMENON n. observable occurrence; notable thing; marvel 1390. PHONETICS n. the study of the sounds of speech. 1391. PHYSICIAN n. a medical doctor; one who heals. 1392. PIETY n. religious or familial reverence; devoutness 1393. PIGMENT n. coloring matter; dye 1394. PILFER v. to steal a small amount; rob. 1395. PILLAGE v. to rob; plunder 1396. PILLAR n. supporting column; holder of a central position. 1397. PIOUS adj. devout; high minded 1398. PITY n. compassion; sympathy; something unfortunate 1399. PIVOTAL adj. crucial; essential; vital 1400. PLATEAU n. flat elevated land; stable period; leveling off 1401. PLAUSIBLE adj. seemingly true or valid; apparently acceptable; reasonable 1402. PLEAD v. to earnestly appeal; beg; urge. 1403. PLEDGE n. a promise; vow; guarantee. 1404. PLENTIFUL adj. abundant; of great quantity; copious 1405. PLOT n. piece of land; plan; conspiracy; story outline. 1406. PLUMP adj. chubby; fat; well-rounded; ample. 1407. POIGNANT adj. piercing; relevant; pungent 1408. POLLUTED adj. impure; dirty; contaminated; corrupt 1409. POMPOUS adj. pretentious; bombastic 1410. PONDER v. to meditate on; weigh mentally; reflect 1411. PORTABLE adj. easily moved or carried 1412. PORTLY adj. staid; corpulent; stately. 1413. PORTRAY v. to represent pictorially; depict; describe; enact 1414. POSITIVE adj. definite; confident; affirmative; greater than zero 1415. POSSESSION n. something owned; a belonging; ownership. 1416. POSSESSIVE adj. jealous ownership; wanting to control 1417. POSTERIOR adj. located behind; coming after. 1418. POSTERITY n. future generations 1419. POSTPONE v. to delay; put off until later. 1420. POTENT adj. powerful; strong; effective 1421. PRACTICAL adj. useful; usable; acquired through practice 1422. PRACTICALLY adj. virtually; almost; in a way that is useful 1423. PRAGMATIC adj. practical; dealing with actual occurrences. 1424. PRANK n. a playful trick; mischievous act; practical joke. 1425. PRECARIOUS adj. unstable; uncertain. 1426. PRECAUTION n. a safeguard; forethought; protection in advance. 1427. PRECEDE v. to come before; be in front of 1428. PRECEDENT n. previous instance used as an example; custom; standard 1429. PRECIOUS adj. of great value; costly; cherished; beloved. 1430. PRECIPITATIQN n. rain or snow; a headlong fall; haste. 1431. PRECISE adj exact; definite; dearly expressed; distinct 1432. PRECOCIOUS adj. maturing earlier than usual; intellectually advanced 1433. PRECURSOR n. forerunner; harbinger. 1434. PREDECESSOR n. one who preceded another in a position; ancestor. 1435. PREDICAMENT n. a dilemma; difficult or embarrassing situation. 1436. PREDICT v. to foretell; prophesy; reveal the future 1437. PREDILECTION n. preference; partiality 1438. PREJUDICE n. bias; prejudgment; preconceived opinion. 1439. PRELIMINARY adj. prior; introductory; preceding. 1440. PREMISE n. proposition on which an argument is based; assumption 1441. PREOCCUPIED adj engrossed; absorbed; distracted 1442. PREPARE v. to make ready ahead of time; put together. 1443. PREPOSTEROUS adj. absurd; foolish; contrary to common sense. 1444. PREREQUISITE adj. required; necessary. 1445. PRESERVE v. to protect; maintain; keep safe. 1446. PRESTIGE n. prominence; high status. 1447. PRESUMPTUOUS adj. arrogant 1448. PRETENTIOUS adj. claiming importance; ostentatious 1449. PRETEXT n. an excuse; pretense. 1450. PREVAIL v. to be victorious; be most common; persuade; triump 1451. PREVALENT adj. widely used or accepted; prevailing. 1452. PREVENT v. to keep from happening; hinder; impede; forestall 1453. PRIEST n. one who performs religious rites; a minister. 1454. PRIMARILY adj. chiefly; principally; originally. 1455. PRIMARY adj. coming first or earliest; chief, fundamental 1456. PRIMITIVE adj. pertaining to earliest times; crude; simple 1457. PRINCIPAL adj. first in importance; chief, foremost 1458. PRINCIPLE n. a basic truth or doctrine; a rule or standard 1459. PRIOR adj. preceding; coming before 1460. PRIORITY n. the right to precede or come earlier. 1461. PRISONER n. a captive; one forcibly restrained 1462. PRISTINE adj. pertaining to the earliest time; unspoiled; pure. 1463. PRIVACY n. seclusion; isolation; secrecy. 1464. PRIVILEGE n. an advantage; special right 1465. PROBE v. to search; investigate; explore 1466. PROCRASTINATE v. to put off doing something; postpone needlessly. 1467. PROFESSIONAL adj. engaged in a profession; skillful; not an amateur. 1468. PROFICIENT adj. skilled; adept 1469. PROFOUND adj. deeply meaningful; thoroughgoing; complete. 1470. PROFUSE adj. copious; overabundant; lavish. 1471. PROJECT n. a plan; undertaking; piece of research. 1472. PROJECT v. to jut out; protrude; direct out a sound or image 1473. PROLIFERATE v. to reproduce; increase rapidly. 1474. PROLIFIC adj abundantly fertile; productive 1475. PROLONG v. to make longer; extend 1476. PROMISCUOUS adj. sexually indiscriminate; lacking selection standards. 1477. PRONE adj. lying face downward; inclined or tending toward 1478. PROP n. a support; part of a stage scene. 1479. PROPENSITY n. inclination; proclivity. 1480. PROPONENT n. one who supports or proposes something. 1481. PROPORTIONATE adj. having balanced parts, harmonized 1482. PROPOSAL n. a suggestion; plan; offer of marriage. 1483. PROPRIETOR n. an owner. 1484. PROPRIETY n. appropriateness; rightness; correct behavior; suitability. 1485. PROSAIC adj. commonplace; straightforward; unpoetic 1486. PROSECUTE v. to proceed against in court; pursue; carry on 1487. PROSPECT n. possibility; outlook; expectation. 1488. PROSPEROUS adj. successful; thriving; well-off 1489. PROTAGONIST n. principal figure. 1490. PROTECT v. to keep safe; shield from harm. 1491. PROTEST v. to object; demonstrate against; solemnly declare. 1492. PROTOTYPE n. original type; model 1493. PROTRUDE v. to stick out; project 1494. PROVISIONAL adj. tentative; conditional; temporary. 1495. PROVOKE v. to incite to anger; arouse; annoy; stir up. 1496. PROWESS n. superior skill or daring. 1497. PROXIMITY n. nearness; propinquity 1498. PRUDENCE n. discretion; careful judgment 1499. PUBLICIZE v. bring to public attention; advertise; make known. 1500. PUNCTUAL adj. prowl; on time; precise. 1501. PURCHASE v. to buy; to earn. 1502. PURIFY v. to make pure; cleanse; free from sin. 1503. PURSUE v. to chase after; follow; strive for; engage in. 1504. PUZZLING adj. perplexing; confusing; bewildering
  11. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab O

    1285. OASIS n. fertile spot in a desert; place go relax in. 1286. OBESE adj. very fat; extremely overweight 1287. OBEY v. to follow orders; comply. 1288. OBLIGATION n. a duty; responsibility; debt 1289. OBLITERATE v. to completely destroy; wipe out. 1290. OBLIVION n. state of being completely forgotten 1291. OBLIVIOUS adj. forgetful; unaware; unmindful 1292. OBSCENE adj. offensive; indecent; lewd; coarse. 1293. OBSCURE adj. unclear; vague; indistinct; dark; remote. 1294. OBSEQUIOUS adj. servile; fawning; overly compliant. 1295. OBSERVANT adj. quick to perceive or see things; alert. 1296. OBSOLETE adj. outmoded; no longer in use. 1297. OBSTINATE adj. stubborn; refractory; obdurate. 1298. OBSTRUCT v. to block; prevent passage; Impede; hinder. 1299. OBTAIN v. to gain possession; acquire. 1300. OBVIOUS adj. plainly apparent; evident; easily understood 1301. OCCASIONALLY adv. now and then; sometimes 1302. OCCURRENCE n. that which fakes place; an incident; happening. 1303. OFFENSIVE adj. disagreeable; unpleasant; aggressive. 1304. OFFSPRING n. children; descendants; outcome; product. 1305. OMINOUS adj. foreboding; threatening. 1306. OMIT v. to leave out; neglect 1307. OMNIPOTENT adj all-powerful. 1308. OPERATE v. to function; work; perform surgery. 1309. OPPONENT n. an adversary; rival; antagonist 1310. OPTIMIST n. one who expects good things to happen. 1311. OPULENCE n. affluence; luxuriant abundance. 1312. ORBIT n. path; range of activity. 1313. ORCHARD n. a grove of fruit or nut trees. 1314. ORCHESTRATE v. to compose; arrange. 1315. ORDEAL n. a difficult or painful experience; severe trial 1316. ORDINARY adj. common; usual; average; normal 1317. ORGANIZE v. to make orderly; arrange; systematize. 1318. ORIGIN n. the beginning; source; root; ancestry. 1319. ORNATE adj. heavily decorated; elaborately adorned; showy. 1320. OSCILLATE v. to swing back and forth; vacillate. 1321. OSTENTATIOUS adj. showy; pretentious. 1322. OSTRACIZE v. to banish; exclude. 1323. OUTLINE n. an outer contour; rough plan or summary. 1324. OUTPUT n. production; yield; amount produced 1325. OUTRAGEOUS adj. extremely offensive; disgraceful; extravagant. 1326. OUTSKIRTS n. an outer region or area; bordering districts 1327. OUTSTANDING adj prominent; standing out; excellent; not resolve~ 1328. OVERALL adj including everything; comprehensive. 1329. OVERLOOK v. to view from above; fail to notice; supervise. 1330. OVERSEE v. to supervise; direct; watch over; observe. 1331. OVERT adj. open; not concealed
  12. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab N

    1262. NADIR n. lowest point; time of deepest depression. 1263. NAKED adj. without clothing; nude; exposed; unprotected 1264. NARRATIVE n. a story; an account or description 1265. NASTY adj. disgusting; filthy; indecent; mean; unpleasant. 1266. NAVIGATE v. to plan a course; maneuver through something 1267. NEGLECT v. to ignore; disregard; fail to care for properly. 1268. NEGLIGENT adj. neglectful; careless in performing duties 1269. NEGLIGIBLE adj. insignificant; of little importance; trifling. 1270. NEGOTIATE v. to arrange or settle through discussions. 1271. NESTLE v. to lie close by; settle comfortably; snuggle 1272. NOCTURNAL adj. occurring at night 1273. NOISY adj. loud; clamorous; vociferous 1274. NOTABLE adj. remarkable; striking; prominent 1275. NOTICE v. to acknowledge; observe; see. 1276. NOTIFY v. to inform give notice to. 1277. NOTORIOUS adj. widely and unfavorably known. 1278. NOVELTY n. something new and different 1279. NOVICE n. beginner. 1280. NUANCE n. subtle variation in meaning or quality 1281. NULLIFY v. to make invalid; neutralize. 1282. NUMB adj. without sensation; stunned unable to feel or act 1283. NUMEROUS adj. many. 1284. NURTURE v. to feed; rear; educate.
  13. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab M

    1186. MAGNIFICENT adj. splendid; grand; lavish; outstanding. 1187. MAGNIFY v. to enlarge; amplify; glorify; intensify. 1188. MAIM v. to disable by wounding; mutilate; impair. 1189. MALEVOLENT adj. wishing harm to others; malicious. 1190. MALICIOUS adj. intending harm; spiteful 1191. MALIGN v. to speak ill of; defame 1192. MANIFESTATION n. a demonstration; revealed form; display. 1193. MANSION n. a large stately house 1194. MANUSCRIPT n. a handwritten or unpublished work 1195. MARE n. a female horse. 1196. MARGIN n. a bordering space or edge; limit; allowance 1197. MARITIME adj. located near the sea; concerned with shipping. 1198. MARTYR a. one who sacrifices himself for a cause. 1199. MASSACRE n. indiscriminate and large scale killing. 1200. MASSIVE adj. very large; heavy; substantial 1201. MATURE adj. fully grown or developed; ripe; complete. 1202. MEAGER adj. scanty; lean; inadequate 1203. MEDDLE v. interfere; intrude 1204. MEDIATE v. to help settle differences; intervene 2205. MEDICATION n. a medicine; treatment; remedy. 1206. MEDIOCRE adj. average; ordinary; commonplace. 1207. MEEK adj submissive; humble; not aggressive 1208. MELANCHOLIC adj. gloomy; depressed. 1209. MELANCHOLY n. depression; gloominess; sadness 1210. MELLOW adj. mature; soft and ripe; gentle; relaxed 1211 MELODIOUS adj. pleasing to the ear; musical; tuneful 1212. MEMO n a note; memorandum; written communication. 1213. MENACE n. a threat; a harmful thing or person 1214. MEND v. to fix; repair; improve. 1215. MENIAL adj. servile; lowly 1216. MENTOR n. wise counselor; teacher. 1217. MERCHANT n. one who buys and sells goods; a shopkeeper. 1218. MERCY n. compassion; leniency; forgiveness 1219. MERGE v. to blend together; unite; be absorbed 1220. MERIT n. worthiness; value. 1221. METAPHORICAL adj. figuratively; not literal 1222. METEORIC adj. swift and brilliant; like a shooting star. 1223. METICULOUS adj. extremely careful; fastidious. 1224. MIDGET n. a very small person; miniature version. 1225. MIGRANT n. person or animal which moves to other areas. 1226. MILEAGE n. distance in miles; traveling allowance. 1227. MINGLE v. to mix; blend; combine; associate. 1228. MINIMIZE v. to belittle; reduce; lessen; depreciate. 1229. MINUTE adj. vet small; tiny; insignificant 1230. MIRTH n. gladness; lightheartedness; gaiety; hilarity. 1231. MISCELLANEOUS adj. mixed; diversified; varied; heterogeneous. 1232. MISCHIEVOUS adj. causing trouble; annoying; teasing; playful 1233. MISERLY adj. stingy; tending to hoard wealth 1234. MISPLACE v. to put in the wrong place; lose; bestow wrongly 1235. MISSILE n. a weapon or object hurled through the air 1236. MISSION n. a duty; charge or special service; function. 1238. MODULATE v. to adjust; regulate; temper; vary. 1239. MOLEST v. to disturb; interfere; attack sexually. 1240. MONARCHY n. a government with a hereditary ruler. 1241. MONOTONOUS adj. unvarying; boring; tediously uniform; dull. 1242. MONSTROUS adj. grotesquely abnormal; outrageous; huge 1243. MONUMENTAL adj. imposing; enormous; notable. 1244. MOODY adj. gloomy; uneasy; sullen; emotionally inconstant. 1245. MOOT adj. debatable; unresolved 1246. MORALE n. level of confidence, courage and discipline 1247. MORALITY a. virtue; concept of right and wrong; ethics. 1248. MOROSE adj. sullen; gloomy. 1249. MORSEL n. a small piece of something; a bite of food 1250. MORTAL adj. subject to death; human; deadly; fatal 1251. MOTIF n. recurrent thematic element 1252. MUGGY adj. hot and humid 1253 MUMBLE v. to speak indistinctly; mutter. 1254. MURAL n. a large painting done on a wall 1255. MUSEUM n. an exhibition building. 1256. MUSTER v. to assemble; gather. 1257. MUTE adj. unable to talk or vocalize; silent; not speaking. 1258. MUTILATE v. to disfigure; maim; damage 1259. MUTUAL adj. reciprocal; shared 1260. MYSTERIOUS adj. unexplainable; obscure; enigmatic; puzzling; occult 1261. MYTHICAL adj. imaginary; fictitious; legendary.
  14. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab L

    1146. LABORATORY n. a building for scientific research 1147. LAME adj. crippled; limping; ineffectual; unsatisfactory 1148. LAMENT v. to mourn; to express sorrow; regret 1149. LANKY adj slim and toil; lean and ungainly. 1150. LATENT adj. dormant; hidden; undeveloped 1151. LATTER adj. else second of two; more recent 1152. LAUD v. to praise; glorify. 1153. LAVISH adj. extravagant; ornate; profuse. 1154. LEAK n. a crack or gap where something escapes. 1155. LEASE n. a rental agreement for property or equipment 1156. LECTURE n. an instructive talk; discourse; long reprimand 1157. LEISURELY adj. unhurried; at a slow pace; relaxed 1158. LIABLE adj. legally responsible; susceptible; likely. 1159. LIBERAL adj. favoring reform and freedom; tolerant; generous 1160. LIBERATE v. to set free; give liberty to; release. 1161. LID n. a removable cap or cover; top; eyelid 1162. LIFT v. to raise up; elevate; remove 1163. LIMB n. a large branch of a tree; an arm or leg. 1164. LIMELIGHT n. a stage light; publicity; focus of attention 1165. LIMIT n. a boundary; edge; furthest confine or restriction. 1166. LIMP v. to walk lamely; proceed haltingly. 1167. LIMPID adj. transparent; clear; lucid; calm. 1168. LIQUEFY v. to turn to liquid; melt 1169. LIQUIDATE v. to pay debts; convert to cash; close; kill 1170. LITERAL adj. word for word; true to meaning; not figurative. 1171. LITTER n. an animal’s newborns; scattered garbage. 1172. LOAFER n. an idle person; one who does nothing. 1173. LOATHE v. to hate; detest. 1174. LOCATION n. a particular place; site; position. 1175. LOFTY adj. exalted; very high; arrogant 1176. LOGICAL adj. dearly reasoned; rational; expected 1177. LOITER v. to loaf; anger aimlessly; waste time; lag. 1178. LONGING n. a prolonged desire; yearning. 1179. LOOT n. stolen goads; booty; spoils. 1180. LOQUACIOUS adj. talkative. 1181. LUCID adj. clear; rational 1182. LULLABY n. a soothing song sung to put a child to sleep. 1183 LUMNOUS adj. emitting light; bright; clear; lucid; brilliant 1184. LUSH adj. luxuriant; thickly grown; opulent. 1185. LYRICAL adj. romantic; poetic.
  15. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab K

    1144. KEEN adj. sharp; perceptive; intense; eager. 1145. KNOWLEDGEABLE adj. well-informed; wise.
  16. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab J

    1130. JARGON n. gibberish; specialized language. 1131. JEOPARDY n. vulnerability; danger. 1132. JERK n. an abrupt movement; a jolt; stupid person 1133. JEST v. to speak playfully or jokingly. 1134. JOCULAR adj. playful; joking. 1135. JOSTLE v. to bump against; make unsteady; shove. 1136. JOVIAL adj. Jolly; cheerful 1137. JUBILANT adj. joyful; extremely happy. 1138. JUGGLE v. to balance many activities or balls; manipulate. 1139. JUMBO adj. very large; extra big. 1140. JUNCTION n. where things join or meet; the ad of uniting. 1141. JUNGLE n. dense tropical forest; competitive environment 1142. JUST adj. fair; equitable; upright. 1143. JUVENILE adj. young; youthful; immature.
  17. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab I

    944. IDEAL adj. perfect; not real; imaginary. 945. IDENTICAL adj. exactly alike; the same. 946. IDEOLOGY n. the ideas or doctrines of a group. 947. IDLE adj. inactive; unemployed; useless 948. IDYLLIC adj. picturesque; pastoral; simple. 949. IGNOBLE adj. dishonorable lowly. 950. IGNORANT adj. lacking knowledge; unlearned; uninformed 951. IGNORE v. to refuse to acknowledge or pay attention to. 952. ILLEGAL adj unlawful; not permitted by the law; illicit 953. ILLICIT adj. unlawful; illegal 954. ILLUSORY adj. deceptive; unreal 955. ILLUSTRIOUS adj. famous; celebrated; distinguished 956. IMAGINARY adj. not real; existing in the imagination 957. IMAGINATIVE adj. creative; having a lively imagination; inventive. 958. IMITATE v. to copy; mimic; act like; simulate; emulate 959. IMMACULATE adj. pure; unblemished; dean. 960. IMMATURE adj. not fully grown or developed; unripe. 961. IMMENSE adj. very large; huge; boundless; vast 962. IMMIGRANT n. one who comes to settle in a new country. 963. IMMINENT adj. impending; soon to occur; approaching. 964. IMMORAL adj. not conforming to moral standards; indecent 965. IMMORTAL adj. not subject to death; eternal; imperishable. 966. IMMUNE adj. exempt; not able to catch a disease 967. IMMUTABLE adj. unchangeable. 96S. IMPACT n. a collision; striking together; effect 969. IMPAIR v. to worsen; injure. 970. IMPARTIAL adj. unprejudiced; not biased; fair. 971. IMPASSIVE adj. unfeeling; expressionless; motionless. 972. IMPATIENT adj. eager; anxious; not willing to wait; restless. 973. IMPECCABLE adj. faultless; irreproachable. 974. IMPEDE v. to hinder; obstruct. 975. IMPENDING adj. approaching; imminent. 976. IMPERATIVE adj. expressing a command; mandatory; urgent 977. IMPEREECT adj. faulty; defective; not perfect. 978. IMPERTINENT adj. presumptuous; rude; insolent 979. IMPERVIOUS adj. impenetrable; unable to be affected. 980. IMPETUOUS adj. impulsive; brash 981. IMPETUS n. stimulus; impulse; the encouragement needed to do something. 982. IMPLACABLE adj. not able to be satisfied or changed; relentless; unyielding. 983. IMPLANT v. to insert or place in something usually a living body. 984. IMPLAUSIBLE adj. not likely to be true; unbelievable. 985. IMPLEMENT v. to enact; put into effect; provide with means. 986. IMPLICATE v. to show that someone participated or was involved especially in a crime; involve 987. IMPLICATION n. something implied or hinted of; an inference 988. IMPLICIT adj. implied; inherent 989. IMPLORE v. to beg; to beseech. 990. IMPLY v. to suggest; indicate in directly; hint 991. IMPOLITE adj. discourteous; rude; not polite. 992. IMPORT v. to bring products into one country from another. 993. IMPOSE v. to force on; inflict; be a burden on; inflict 994. IMPOSING adj. impressive; grind; stately. 995. IMPOSITION n. placement of something usually a burden or difficulty. 996. IMPOSTOR n. a person who pretends to he someone else 997. IMPOTENT adj. weak; powerless; sterile 998. IMPOUND v. to seize and keep by law; to confiscate 999. IMPOVERISH v. to make poor. 1000. IMPRACTICAL adj. not realistic; not sensible. 1001. IMPRECISE adj. not exact; vague. 1002. IMPRESSIVE adj. causing admiration; awesome; grand 1003. IMPRISON v. to send to jail; to incarcerate. 1004. IMPROBABLE adj. unlikely; farfetched 1005. IMPROMPTU adj. without preparation; extemporaneous. 1006. IMPROPER adj. not suitable; unseemly; indecent; incorrect 1007. IMPROPRIETY n. something that lacks proper behavior or standards. 1008. IMPROVE v. to make heifer; enhance. 1009. IMPROVISE v. perform without preparation; create on the spot 1010. IMPRUDENT adj. unwise; thoughtless; rash 1011. IMPUDENT adj. impertinent; disrespectful 1012. IMPULSIVE adj. spontaneous; acting on impulse; impetuous; madcap. 1013. IMPUNITY n. without risk or fear of punishment 1014. INACCESSIBLE adj. impossible or difficult to reach. 1015. INACTIVE adj. idle; not being used; dormant; inert 1016. INADVERTENTLY adv. unintentionally; accidentally; carelessly. 1017. INALIENABLE adj not transferable; not able to be taken way. 1018. INARTICULATE adj. lacking facility in speech; incomprehensible. 1019. INCESSANT adj. uninterrupted; unceasing; continuous 1020. INCIDENTAL adj. accidental; minor; nonessential 1021. INCISIVE adj. penetrating; sharp; trenchant 1022. INCITE v. to provoke to action; stimulate; instigate. 1023. INCLUSIVE adj. including everything; comprehensive. 1024. INCOMPATIBLE adj. not able to get along together; inharmonious 1025. INCOMPETENT adj. not capable; unfit; inept 1026. INCONGRUOUS adj. inconsistent; inharmonious; inappropriate. 1027. INCONSEQUENTIAL adj. insignificant; lacking importance; trivial 1028. INCONSISTENT adj. erratic; lacking uniformity; contradictory 1029. INCORPORATE v. to combine together; unite with; add 1030. INCREDIBLE adj. unbelievable; extraordinary. 1031. INDECISIVE adj. unable to decide; hesitant; inconclusive. 1032. INDIFFERENT adj. lacking concern; apathetic; unbiased 1033. INDIGENOUS adj. native; intrinsic 1034. INDIGENT adj. impoverished; poor; penniless 1035. INDISCRIMINATE adj. not selective; random; confused 1036. INDOLENT adj. lazy. 1037. INDUCE v. to persuade; incite; cause. 1038. INDULGE v. to give in to desire; gratify a craving; pamper; spoil 1039. INDUSTRIOUS adj. hardworking; diligent; busy. 1040. INEPT adj. inappropriate; unfit; incompetent; awkward 1041. INERT adj. unable to move 1042. INEVITABLE adj. certain to occur; unavoidable. 1043. INEXPERIENCED adj. lacking experience; unskilled 1044. INFAMOUS adj. notoriously bad or evil 1045. INFECTIOUS adj. capable of spreading; contagious 1046. INFERENCE n. conclusion from evidence; presumption. 1047. INFERIOR adj. lower in rank or quality; lesser. 1048. INFEST v. to invade; pervade; overrun. 1049. INFINITESIMAL adj. immeasurably small; minute. 1050. INFLICT v. to impose; harmfully cause. 1051. INFLUENTIAL adj. able to influence or affect things; powerful 1052. INFORMAL adj. casual; not fancy; unofficial; relaxed 1053. INFORMATIVE adj. instructive; providing information or news 1054. INGENIOUS adj. clever; inventive; imaginative. 1055. INGREDIENTS n. components of a mixture; constituents. 1056. INHABIT v. to live, dwell or reside in 1057. INHERENT adj. intrinsic; essential; inborn. 1058. INHOSPITABLE adj. unfriendly; barren; not able to support 1059. INIMITABLE adj. unique; matchless. 1060. INITIAL adj. placed at the beginning; first 1061. INITIATE v. to begin; start; originate; instruct; admit in. 1062. INITIATIVE n. ability to start something; leadership; first step. 1063. INJURY n. a wound; damage; injustice. 1064. INNATE adj. inherent; inborn 1065. INNOCUOUS adj. harmless. 1066. INNOVATION n. something newly introduced; a change. 1067. INNOVATIVE adj. creative; novel; inventive. 1068. INNUENDO n. an insinuation or hint; derogatory implication. 1069. INORDINATE adj. unrestricted; excessive 1070. INQUIRY n. an investigation; question; dose examination 1071. INQUISITIVE adj. curious; prying. 1072. INSATIABLE adj. not capable of being satisfied; greedy. 1073. INSENSITIVE adj. unfeeling; not sensitive; harsh; callous 1074. INSIGHT n. sudden understanding; discernment; intuition 1075. INSIGNIFICANT adj. trivial; unimportant, not significant. 1076. INSINCERE adj. hypocritical; deceitful; not sincere 1077. INSINUATE v. to suggest indirectly; imply deviously; hint at 1078. INSOLENT adj. arrogant; impertinent 1079. INSPECT v. to examine for flaws; look at carefully; review. 1080. INSPIRATION n. an insight; stimulation; divine instigation 1081. INSTALL v. to put in office; set up far use; conned up. 1082. INSTANTLY adv. at once; immediately; without delay. 1083. INSTIGATE v. to provoke; incite; foment 1084. INSTINCTIVE adj. spontaneous; inborn; natural; deep-seated 1085. INSTITUTE v. to establish; organize; begin; initiate. 1086. INSURMOUNTABLE adj. not capable of being overcome. 1087. INTEGRATE v. to combine separate things; bring together. 1088. INTEGRITY n. completeness; uprightness; honesty. 1089. INTELLECTUAL n. a smart and informed person; deep thinker. 1090. INTELLIGIBLE adj. comprehensible; understandable. 1091. INTENSE adj. strong; acute; extreme; deeply felt 1092. INTENSIVE adj. concentrated extreme; exhaustive. 1093. INTERMINABLE adj. endless; continual 1094. INTERMITTENT adj. stopping and starting again at intervals; periodic 1095. INTERNAL adj. located within; inherent; domestic; subjective. 1096. INTERRUPT v. to stop; make a gap in; intrude upon. 1097. INTERSECT v. to cut across or through; overlap. 1098. INTERVAL n. a gap in time or distance between things 1099. INTIMIDATE v. to make timid; frighten; overawe; threaten. 1100. INTOXICATE v. to become drunk; stimulate; excite. 1101. INTRANSIGENT adj. uncompromising. 1102. INTREPID adj. fearless 1103. INTRICATE adj. complex difficult to comprehend; complicated 1104. INTRIGUING adj. interesting; mysterious; exciting curiously. 1105. INTRINSIC adj. essential; inherent 1106. INTRODUCTORY adj. serving to introduce; prefatory. 1107. INTROSPECTIVE adj contemplative. 1108. INTRUDE v. to thrust in without being welcome or invited 1109. INTUITION n. the act of knowing instinctively; insight 1110. INUNDATE v. to overwhelm; flood 1111. INVALID n. a chronically sick or disabled person. 1112. INVALID adj. not valid; unjustifiable; without legality. 1113. INVALUABLE adj. of immeasurably high value; priceless 1114. INVARIABLE adj. unchanging; constant 1llS. INVASION n. a forced entry; infringement; attack 1116. INVERT v. to turn inside out or upside down; reverse. 1117. INVESTIGATE v. to examine or inquire into in detail 1118. INVIGORATE v. to give strength or vitality to; animate. 1119. INVINCIBLE adj. unconquerable; not able to be defeated 1120. INVITING adj. attractive; tempting; alluring. 1121. INVOLVED adj. complicated; complex; intricate; incriminated 1122. INVULNERABLE adj. incapable of being attacked; impregnable 1123. IRATE adj. angry; enraged 1124. IRONIC adj. contrary to what is expected; sarcastic 1125. IRRELEVANT .adj. not applicable; not pertinent 1126. IRREPARABLE adj. incapable of being repaired or amended 1127. IRRESOLUTE adj. uncertain hew to ad; vacillating; indecisive. 1128. IRRITABLE adj. having a bad temper; testy; easily annoyed 1129. ISOLATE v. to set apart; separate; single-out
  18. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab H

    898. HAGGARD adj. worn; emaciated 899. HAMLET n. a small village. 900. HAMPER v. to hinder; impede; restrain; restrict; shackle. 901. HANDY adj. close at hand; accessible; convenient 902. HAPHAZARD adj. random; determined by chance. 903. HARBNGER n. a forerunner; sign of the approach of something. 904. HARDENED adj. firm; set; fixed; unyielding. 905. HARDY at sturdy; capable of surviving harsh conditions. 906. HARMLESS adj. unable to do harm; safe; inoffensive; innocuous 907. HASTY adj. rapid; recklessly quick; hurried; slapdash 908. HAUGHTINESS n. excessive pride; arrogance. 909. HAZARDOUS adj. dangerous; perilous; risky. 910. HAZY adj. missy; unclear; foggy; vague. 911. HEADLONG adv. hastily; with uncontrollable force; headfirst 912. HEADSTRONG adj. obstinate; willful; unruly. 913. HECTIC adj. confused; hasty; excited; feverish 914. HEED v. to pay attention to; consider; listen to advice. 915. HEEDLESS adj. neglectful; careless; not listening to advice. 916. HEINOUS adj. wicked; atrocious; evil 917. HEIR n. one who will inherit property; a successor. 918. HENCEFORTH adv. form this time onward; from now on 919. HEROINE n. a female hero; a principal female character. 920. HESITATE v. to hold back; pause; be indecisive. 921. HIERARCHY n. a group arranged by rank 922. HILARIOUS adj. extremely funny. 923. HINDER v. to hold hack; hamper; impede; delay; deter. 924. HINGE n. joint which allows motion; controlling principal 925. HINT n. a subtle suggestion; clue; very small amount 926. HOARSE adj. deep wad harsh sounding; husky. 927. HOAX n. a trick; deception; practical joke. 928. HOLOCAUST n. widespread destruction 929. HOMOGENEOUS adj. alike; uniform 930. HOSTILE adj. aggressively unfriendly; antagonistic. 931. HOWL v. to wail like a wolf; cry out in pain; laugh loudly. 932. HUBBUB n. a confusion of voices; noisy uproar. 933. HUMANE adj. kind; compassionate. 934. HUMANITARIAN adj concerned with helping people; philanthropic 935. HUMANITIES n. areas of study dealing with people and culture. 936. HUMBLE adj. lowly; unimportant; meek; modest 937. HUMID adj. moist; damp; muggy. 938. HUMILIATION n. disgrace; shame; degradation. 939. HUMILITY n. humbleness; modesty. 940. HUMOROUS adj. funny; comical; laughable; witty. 941. HYBRID n. something of mixed composition; a mongrel 942. HYPOCRITICAL adj. pretending to believe what you don’t; insincere. 943. HYPOTHETICAL adj. based on a hypothesis; conjectural; uncertain.
  19. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab G

    844. GALL n. bitterness; impudence; nerve 845. GAMBLE v. to risk something; bet; speculate. 846. GARB n. clothes; attire; distinctive costume. 847. GARBLED v. distorted; scrambled; purposely mixed up. 848. GARISH adj. gaudy; showy; over-decorated 849. GARRULOUS adj. talkative; loquacious; wordy. 850. GASH n. a deep cut; slash; wound 851. GASP v. to breathe in suddenly or with difficulty. 852. GAUCHE adj. tactless; awkward 853. GAUDY adj. tastelessly showy or ornate; garish; flashy. 854. GEM n. a precious stone; something highly valued 855. GENEROSITY n. unselfishness; willingness to give 856. GENIAL adj. cordial; friendly; beneficial 857. GENUINE adj real; not artificial; authentic; sincere. 858. GERMINATE v. to begin to grow; sprout 859. GESTURE n. a body movement used to communicate; a sign. 860. GHASTLY adj. shocking; dreadful; very pale. 861. GIFTED adj. talented; having natural ability. 862. GIGANTIC adj. very large; huge; enormous. 863. GINGERLY adj. delicately; carefully. 864. GIST n. the general meaning; essence; central idea. 865. GLAMORIZE v. to glorify; idealize; romanticize. 866. GLANCE n. a quick or superficial look 867. GLIB adj. smooth; fluent; insincere. 868. GLITTER v. to sparkle; glisten; shine 869. GLOAT v. to show enjoyment at another’s misfortune. 870. GLOSSARY n. an explanatory list of terms. 871. GLOW v. to shine; emit a warm light; be flushed or radiant 872. GLUTTON n. one who eats excessively; a greedy person 873. GOAD v. spur on: prowl 874. GOAL n. an objective; finish line or scoring area. 875. GORGEOUS adj. strikingly beautiful; dazzling; magnificent. 876. GORY adj. bloody; bloodstained 877. GOSSIP n. idle talk about other people 878. GRACIOUS adj. courteous; charming; elegant; kind 879. GRATUITOUS adj. given without charge; unwarranted 880. GRAVITY n. seriousness~ 881. GREEDY adj. overly desirous for money or things; avaricious; insatiable. 882. GREGARIOUS adj. sociable; outgoing; enjoying being with others. 883. GRIEF n. intense sorrow; anguish; regret; failure. 884. GRIEVANCE n. a complaint; cause for protest; injustice. 885. GROPE v. to feel one’s way; seek aimlessly or blindly. 886. GROUCHY adj. ill tempered; complaining; grumpy. 887. GROWL n. to snarl deeply; speak angrily; grumble. 888. GRUDGE n. a cause of hostility and resentment. 889. GRUESOME adj. horrifying; ghastly; repugnant 890. GRUMBLE n. a discontented mumble; growl 891. GRUMPY adj. irritable; cranky; surly 892. GUARANTEE v. to assume responsibility for; insure; promise 893. GUIDE v. to show the way; direct; lead; escort 894. GUILTY adj. responsible for a crime; culpable; blameworthy. 895. GULLIBLE adj. easily deceived; credulous 896. GUSH v. to flow out abundantly; be overly emotional 897. GUST n. a sudden rush of wind; an outburst
  20. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab F

    762. FABRICATE v. to construct; make up; concoct 763. FACADE n. front of a building; false front 764. FACETIOUS adj. humorous; flippant; amusing 765. FACILE adj. easy; fluent; superficial 766. FACILITATE v. to make easier; assist 767. FACSIMILE n. an exact copy 768. FACTORY n. a manufacturing building or plant 769. FALLACIOUS adj. false; delusive. 770. FALLIBLE adj. capable of failing; subject to error; not perfect 771. FALSIFY v. to misrepresent; after to deceive; forge. 772. FALTER v. to waver; be unsteady; stumble; hesitate. 773. FAMINE n. starvation; widespread food shortage. 774. FAMISHED adj. starving; very hungry. 775. FANTASY n. something unreal or imagined; an illusion 776. FASCINATING adj. extremely interesting; captivating. 777. FATIGUE n. weariness; exhaustion; extreme 778. FAULTY adj. defective; imperfect; erroneous; amiss. 779. FEAT n. an act of courage or skill; an accomplishment 780. FEEBLE adj. lacking strength; weak; ineffective; frail 781. FEIGN v. to pretend 782. FERRY v. to transport or deliver; cross on a ferryboat 783. FERTILIZE v. to make productive by enriching; impregnate. 784. FERVENT adj. passionate; ardent; hot. 785. FEUD n. a long lasting quarrel; vendetta; bitter dispute. 786. FICTITIOUS adj. unreal; false; fictional 787. FIDELITY n. faithfulness; verity; loyalty. 788. FIENDISH adj. cruel; diabolical 789. FIERCE adj. savage; violent; intense 790. FIGMENT n. something imagined or fabricated; a fantasy. 791. FIGURATIVE adj. not literal; symbolic; metaphorical 792. FINAL adj. last; concluding; ultimate; decisive 793. FINANCES n. monetary resources; funds; revenue. 794. FINITE adj. limited; impermanent 795. FLAGRANT adj. conspicuous; notorious. 796. FLAMBOYANT adj. showy; ornate; highly elaborate. 797. FLATTER v. to praise insincerely; portray favorably. 798. FLEE v. to escape; run away from 799. FLICKER v. to burn unsteadily; quiver; flutter. 800. FLIMSY adj. insubstantial; weak; unconvincing 801. FLINCH v. to shrink from pain; retreat; show cowardice; recoil 802. FLIPPANT adj. offensive levity; disrespectful 803. FLOUNDER v. to struggle helplessly; move clumsily. 804. FLOURISH v. to thrive; grow lushly; prosper; wave vigorously. 805. FLUCTUATE v. to continually change or vary; rise and fall 806. FLUFFY adj. soft and airy; puffy; downy. 807. FLUX n. flow; change 808. FOIBLE n. minor weakness. 809. FOMENT v. to instigate; stir up 810. FONDLE v. to caress; touch affectionately; stroke lovingly. 811. FOOLISH adj. silly; unwise; ridiculous; absurd 812. FORBEARANCE n. restraint; patience. 813. FORBID v. order not to be done; prohibit; refuse to permit 814. FOREBODING n. fear something evil is coming; apprehension. 815. FORECAST n. a prediction; weather report 816. FOREFATHERS n. ancestors; preceding generations. 817. FOREMAN n. person in charge of work crew; jury spokesman 818. FORESIGHT n. ability to foresee the future; prudence 819. FORESTALL v. to prevent 820. FORMALITY n. a conformity to custom or procedure. 821. FORMER adj. preceding; earlier; previous; coming before 822. FORMIDABLE adj. difficult to surmount; feared; admirable. 823. FORT n. a defensive stronghold; fortification 824. FOSSIL n. remains of prehistoric life; something outdated 825. FOUL adj. disgusting; offensive; spoiled; unfair. 826. FOWL n. an edible bird; a chicken 827. FRACTION n. a fragment; part of a unit; small portion 828. FRAGMENT n a broken piece; unfinished part; fraction. 829. FRAUD n. a trick; deception; dishonest act or person. 830. FRET v. to worry; be anxious or uneasy. 831. FRIGID adj. extremely cold; emotionally unresponsive~ 832. FRIVOLITY n. a lack of seriousness; silliness. 833. FROLIC v. to play joyfully; romp. 834. FRONTIER n. border region of a country; undeveloped area. 835. FRUGAL adj. thrifty; inexpensive. 836. FRUITION n. realization; fulfillment 837. FRUITLESS adj. unproductive; barren; unprofitable 838. FRUSTRATE v. to defeat; prevent; thwart 839. FUGITIVE n. one who has fled the law or a duty. 840. FURIOUS adj. violently angry; raging; fierce. 841. FURTIVE adj. secret; stealthy; sly. 842. FUSE v. to melt together; combine; blend; weld 843. FUTILE adj. useless; ineffectual; unproductive.
  21. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab E

    619. ECCENTRIC adj. unconventional; odd; irregular. 620. ECONOMICAL adj. thrifty; prudent; sparing. 621. ECSTATIC adj. enraptured; blissful; extremely happy. 622. EDIBLE adj. fit to be eaten; nonpoisonous. 623. EDIFY v. to enlighten morally; instruct; impart knowledge. 624. EERIE adj. unsettling; mysterious. 625. EFFACE v. to erase; obliterate; rub out 626. EPFECT n. a result; outcome; consequence. 627. EFFECTIVE adj. productive; efficient; serving its purpose. 628. EFFICACY n. effectiveness. 629. EFFICIENT adj. capable; effective; causative. 630. EFFORTLESS adj. requiring little effort or work; easy. 631. EGREGIOUS adj. shockingly bad; blatant. 632. ELABORATE v. to work out in detail 633. ELDERLY adj. old 634. ELEVATED adj. raised; lifted up; lofty. 635. ELICIT v. to bring out; evoke 636. ELIGIBLE adj. qualified; fit to be chosen; available. 637. ELIMINATE v. to get rid of remove; omit; eradicate. 638. ELITE n. a superior or select group. 639. ELONGATE v. to make longer; extend 640. ELOQUENCE n. fluency and persuasiveness; expressiveness. 641. ELUCIDATE v. to clarify; explain. 642. ELUDE v. to escape; evade; avoid 643. ELUSIVE adj. hard to grasp. 644. EMANATE v. to come forth from; originate. 645. EMANCIPATE v. to set free; liberate. 646. EMBARRASS v. to make self-conscious; disconcert; impede 647. EMBELLISH v. to adorn; make more beautiful 648. EMERGE v. to come into sight; rise up; become apparent 649. EMERGENCY n. a critical situation; urgent need for action. 650. EMIGRATE v. to leave a country and settle somewhere else. 651. EMINENT adj. prominent; distinguished 652. EMIT v. to send forth; utter; release; discharge. 653. EMPHASIZE v. to stress; call attention to; highlight 654. EMPHATIC adj. bold; accentuated; definite. 655. EMPLOY v. to use; put to service; give a job to. 656. EMPOWER v. to authorize; permit; give power to. 657. EMULATE v. to imitate; compete with. 658. ENCHANT v. to cast a spell on; charm; fascinate; delight 659. ENCOMPASS v. to surround; enclose; contain; encircle. 660. ENCOUNTER n. a meeting; conflict 661. ENCOURAGE v. to give confidence to; incite; embolden; support 662. ENCROACHMENT n. a gradual intrusion. 663. ENDANGER v. to expose to harm; put at risk; imperil. 664. ENDEAVOR v. to strive; attempt earnestly; make an effort 665. ENDORSE v. to approve; ratify; support. 666. ENDURING adj. long lasting; chronic; durable. 667. ENEMY n. a hostile person or country; opponent; foe. 668. ENERGETIC adj. full of energy; vigorous; active. 669. ENGAGED adj. pledged to be married; occupied; involved 670. ENGAGING adj. charming; pleasing; attractive 671. ENGROSSED adj. attentively occupied; abforbe4 672. ENHANCE v. to improve; advance; augment; make greater. 673. ENORMOUS adj. huge; immense; gigantic; vast. 674. ENTANGLE v. to involve in difficulties; mix up; entrap; confuse; embroil 675. ENTERTAIN v. to amuse; provide hospitality; contemplate 676. ENTHRALL v. to charm, captivate; enslave. 677. ENTHUSIASTIC adj. eager; excited; ardent; zealous. 678. ENTICE v. to attract by arousing desire; lure 679. ENTRENCH v. to establish securely; dig in; fix firmly. 680. ENUNCIATE v. to pronounce clearly; proclaim 681. ENVIOUS adj. jealous; wanting what another has 682. EPISODE n. an incident; segment from a series; occurrence. 683. EPITOME n. summary; embodiment; essence. 684. EQUITABLE adj. fair; just 685. EQUIVALENT adj. corresponding; equal in strength or meaning. 686. EQUIVOCAL adj. ambiguous; uncertain; questionable. 687. ERADICATE v. to annihilate; destroy; eliminate. 688. EROSION n. a wearing away of soil; slow dissolution. 689. ERRATIC adj. unpredictable; wandering; eccentric. 690. ERUDITE adj. deeply learned; scholarly. 691. ERUPTION n. volcanic discharge; violent outburst. 692. ESCAPADE n. reckless adventure. 693. ESCORT v. to accompany; protect; serve as a companion. 694. ESPIONAGE n. spying. 695. ESPOUSE v. to many; to give One’s support; adopt. 696. ESSENTIAL adj. indispensable; fundamen1al; necessary. 697. ESTABLISHED adj. firmly based; fixed; proven. 698. ESTATE n. property; one’s possessions; status. 699. ESTEEM v. to raped; appreciate; judge. 700. ESTIMATE n. an approximate calculation; opinion 701. ETHICAL adj. moral; conforming to accepted conduct 702. EULOGY n. speech honoring a dead person; praise. 703. EUPHORIA n. bliss; ecstasy. 704. EVALUATE v. to determine the value oft judge; examine. 705. EVAPORATE v. to change into vapor; disappear; vanish. 706. EVASIVE adj. elusive; evading; not straight forward 707. EVICT v. to expel; force out; dispossess; oust 708. EVIDENCE n. proof; supporting data; trial testimony. 709. EVIDENT adj. apparent; obvious; dear; plainly seen. 710. EVOKE v. to call forth; elicit 711. EVOLVE v. to develop gradually; unfold; emerge. 712. EXACERBATE v. to aggravate; embitter. 713. EXACTING adj. demanding; strict; severe. 714. EXAGGERATE v. to overstate; enlarge the importance of; magnify; aggrandize 715. EXASPERATE v. to irritate; vex; provoke. 716. EXCEED v. logo beyond; surpass; be greater that 717. EXCEL v. to be superior; surpass; exceed 718. EXCEPTION n. something left out or non conforming; objection 719. EXCEPTIONAL adj. unusual; extraordinary; uncommon. 720. EXCHANGE v. to trade one thing for another; substitute. 721. EXCLUSIVE adj. selective; accepting only a few; snobbish. 722. EXECUTE v. to put into effect; carry out; perform 723. EXECUTIVE n. a manager; administrator. 724. EXEMPLARY adj. commendable; serving as a model or example 725. EXEMPLIFY v. to explain by an example; embody. 726. EXEMPT adj. excused; excepted; not obliged; released 727. EXERTION n. a great or strenuous effort 728. EXHALE v. to breathe out; emit; give off 729. EXHAUSTED adj. worn out; used up; depleted 730. EXHAUSTIVE adj. comprehensive; thorough. 731. EXHILARATION n. extreme happiness; elation; joyousness. 732. EXILED adj. banished; expelled; removes 733. EXONERATE v. to free from blame: exculpate. 734. EXORBITANT adj. excessive; inordinate; far beyond the usual 735. EXPAND v. to increase in size; stretch out; widen; spread 736. EXPANSION n. an increase: extension. 737. EXPEDITE v. to speed up; hasten. 738. EXPENDITURE n. an expense; disbursement; outlay; cost 739. EXPENSES n. costs; charges; expenditures. 740. EXPERTISE n. knowledge; skill; expertness. 741. EXPIRE v. lo die; come to an end; exhale. 742. EXPLICIT adj. dearly expressed; definite; outspoken. 743. EXPLODE v. to burst open; break into activity; erupt 744. EXPLOIT v. to take advantage of; utilize selfishly. 745. EXPONENT n ONE who represents or explains; an advocate. 746. EXPOSE v. to uncover; make visible; reveal; make known 747. EXPOUND v. to explain; give d~1etailed account of; elucidate. 748. EXPRESSIVE adj. revealing; demonstrative; easily understood 749. EXQUISITE adj. elegant; delicately; beautiful; intense 750. EXTEMPORANEOUS adj. impromptu; without preparation 751. EXTENSIVE adj. wide in range or scope; thorough; vast 752. EXTINCT adj. no longer in existence or use. 753. EXTINGUISH v. to put out; quench; destroy. 754. EXTOL v. to praise; eulogize; speak highly of 755. EXTRANEOUS adj. coming from without; not essential 756. EXTRAORDINARY adj. remarkable; beyond the ordinary; exceptional 757. EXTRAVAGANT adj. excessive; wasteful of money; profuse. 758. EXTRICATE v. liberate; differentiate; disentangle. 759. EXTRINSIC adj. extraneous; inessential; external 760. EXUBERANCE n. extreme happiness; abundance; lavishness 761. EXUDE v. to ooze out; emit
  22. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab D

    438. DANGEROUS adj. not safe; hazardous; perilous 439. DANGLE v. to hung loosely; suspend 440. DANK adj. damp and chilly; moist 441. DAUNT v. to intimidate; dishearten. 442. DEARTH n. scarcity; famine 443. DEBACLE n. disaster; sudden collapse; complete failure. 444. DEBATABLE adj. questionable; subject to doubt; in dispute. 445. DEBTOR n. one who owes money or something else. 446. DECADE n. a period often years; a group of ten 447. DECADENCE n. decay; deterioration in art or morals; period of decline. 448. DECEASED adj. no longer alive; deadly 449. DECEIVE v. to mislead; delude; betray; cheat; beguile. 450. DECENT adj. respectable; ethical; proper; modest 451. DECIPHER v. to translate a code; find the meaning of 452. DECISIVE adj. conclusive; firm unmistakable; determined; crucial 453. DECOMPOSE v. to decay; break down into parts; disintegrate 454. DECORATE v. to embellish; adorn; give a medal of honor to. 455. DECORATIVE adj. ornamental; adding beauty. 456. DECOROUS adj. proper; seemly. 457. DECREPIT adj. worn out by old age. 458. DEDICATE v. to devote or set aside something; commit 459. DEDICATED adj. devoted; committed to something. 460. DEDUCE v. to arrive at by reasoning, slander. 461. DEFAME v. to dishonor; malign; slander. 462. DEFECTION n. desertion; ad of leaving a group or cause. 463. DEFECTIVE adj. imperfect; faulty; damaged 464. DEFERENCE n. respect; courteous submission 465. DEFIANT adj. resisting; challenging; not submissive. 466. DEFICIENT adj. inadequate; imperfect; incomplete; lacking. 467. DEFILE v. to corrupt; befoul 468. DEFLECT v. to turn aside. 469. DEFORM v. to disfigure; distort; misshape. 410. DEGENERATE v. to deteriorate; become worse. 471. DEGRADE v. to reduce in rank or degree; lower; debase; disparage. 472. DELEGATE v. to entrust with authority; send as a representative 473. DELETE v. to erase; omit; take out 474. DELIBERATELY adv. intentionally; voluntarily. 475. DELINEATE v. to outline; portray. 476. DELINQUENT adj. falling in one’s obligations; overdue; an offender. 477. DELUDE v. to deceive; cheat 478. DELUGE n. a flood; overflow. 479. DELUSION n. deception; false belief 480. DEMARCATE v. to set boundaries. 481. DEMEAN v. to degrade; lower. 482. DEMEANOR n. bearing; behavior; manner. 483. DEMENTED adj. insane 484. DEMISE n. death. 485. DEMOLISH v. to destroy; pull down; ruin. 486. DEMURE adj. shy; reserved; modest 487. DENIGRATE v. to defame; blacken. 488. DENOTE v. to identify; designate; indicate. 489. DENOUNCE v. to condemn; criticize. 490. DEPART v. to go away; leave; deviate; die. 491. DEPENDENT adj. relying on another; conditional 492. DEPICT v. to portray; represent in a picture; describe. 493. DEPLETE v. to use up; exhaust; drain 494. DEPLORE v. to regret; lament 495. DEPOSE v. to remove from office or power. 496. DEPOSIT v. to put down; put in a safe spot; put in a bank 497. DEPRAVITY n. wickedness; perversity. 498. DEPRECIATE v. to lower in value. 499. DEPRESSED adj. dejected; sad; low an spirit 500. DEPRIVATION n. poverty; want; privation. 501. DERIDE v. to laugh at; ridicule; mock. 502. DERISION n. ridicule; mockery. 503. DESERT v. to abandon; forsake; leave 504. DESIGNATE v. to specify; point out; appoint; name; earmark 505. DESIRE v. to crave; long for; want. 506. DESOLATE adj. lonely; uninhabited; barren. 507. DESPICABLE adj. contemptible; looked down on; vile; hateful 508. DESPISE v. to look down upon; regard with contempt; scorn. 509. DESPOT n. autocratic ruler; tyrant 510. DESSERT n. a sweet served at the end of a meal; a treat 511. DESTITUTE adj. devoid; impoverished 512. DESTROY v. to demolish; ruin; put an end to; annihilate; eradicate. 513. DETACHED adj. impartial; aloof, separate. 514. DETAIN v. to hold back; delay; confine. 515. DETECT v. to find out; discover; discern 516. DETERIORATE v. to degenerate; lower in value; worsen; decay. 517. DETERMINE v. to find out; decide; resolve; ascertain. 518. DETERRENT n. something that prevents or discourages. 519. DETEST v. to strongly dislike; abhor; loathe 520. DETRACT v. to take away from; diminish; reduce. 521. DETRIMENTAL adj. harmful; injurious; causing damage. 522. DEVALUE v. to lower in value; lessen. 523. DEVASTATE v. to ruin; pillage. 524. DEVIATE v. to turn away from; digress; stray. 525. DEVIOUS adj. deviating from the usual; erring; cunning. 526. DEVISE v. to think up; concoct; invent; contrive. 527. DEVOID adj. lacking; destitute; empty; without 528. DEVOTED adj. dedicated; loyal; faithful; strongly attached 529. DEVOUR v. to eat greedily; consume; absorb; destroy. 530. DEXTERITY n. adroitness; skillfulness; skill 531. DIABOLIC adj. satanic; cruel 532. DIAGNOSIS n. a conclusion reached by analysis. 533. DIAGRAM n. a chart or plan; an explanatory drawing. 534. DICHOTOMY n. division into two parts; schism 535. DICTATE v. to command; prescribe; order. 536. DIFFIDENT adj. shy; timid 537. DIFFUSE adj. widely dispersed; verbose. 538. DIGEST v. to break down food in the body; think through. 539. DIGRESSION n. straying from the subject; deviation. 540. DILAPIDATED adj. broken down; in disrepair. 541. DILATE v. to expand; enlarge; widen. 542. DILIGENT adj. industrious; assiduous; hard working. 543. DILUTE v. to weaken by adding water; reduce in strength. 544. DIMINISH v. to make smaller; reduce; lessen. 545. DIMINUTIVE adj. tiny; small 546. DIPLOMACY n. tact; negotiating skill; skill in dealing with others. 547. DIRE adj. disastrous; dreadful 548. DISAPPOINTING adj. falling to meet expectations; less than hoped for. 549. DISASTER n. a catastrophe; calamity; total failure; cataclysm 550. DISBAND v. to dissolve a group; dismiss members; breakup. 551. DISCARD v. to throw away; cast off get rid of 552. DISCERN v. to perceive; distinguish; see 553. DISCIPLE n. a follower; a devotee of a movement 554. DISCLOSE v. to reveal; make known 555. DISCONCERT v. to upset; ruffle. 556. DISCORDANT adj. confiding; dissonant 557. DISCOVER v. to find something new; gain new knowledge 558. DISCRETION n. prudence; freedom of judgment 559. DISDAIN v. to despise; to consider unworthy. 560. DISEASED adj. unhealthy; sick; ill; disordered 561. DISGUISE v. to conceal the identity of; mask; misrepresent. 562. DISHONEST adj. tending to lie~ cheat or deceive. 563. DISINTEGRATE v. to fragment; decompose; break down into pails. 564. DISMAL adj. gloomy; dreary; depressing; cheerless. 565. DISORGANIZED adj. full of disorder; unorganized; confused 566. DISORIENTATION n. confusion; loss of direction 567. DISPARAGE v. to belittle, degrade. 568. DISPARATE adj. dissimilar; completely distinct 569. DISPARITY n. condition of being unequal; dissimilarity. 570. DISPASSIONATE adj. calm, impartial; unemotional 571. DISPENSE v. to distribute; deal out; administer; do without 572. DISPERSE v. to scatter; distribute widely; cause to vanish. 573. DISPLAY v. to show; exhibit; expose. 574. DISPUTE n. an argument; disagreement; debate; quarrel 575. DISROBE v. to remove clothing; undress 576. DISSECT v. to cut or separate into pieces; examine in detail 577. DISSEMINATE v. to disperse widely; promulgate. 578. DISSENT v. to disagree; differ. 579. DISSOLVE v. turn to liquid; melt; disunite; breakup. 580. DISSUADE v. to discourage; persuade against 581. DISTINCTIVE adj. different; distinguishable; characteristic. 582. DISTINGUISHABLE adj. recognizable; identifiable; perceivable. 583. DISTORT v. to twist out of shape; contort; misrepresent 584. DISTRACT v. to divert; cause to lose focus; confuse. 585. DISTRAUGHT adj. worried; crazes 586. DISTRESSING adj. painful; adverse; upsetting. 587. DIVERGENT adj. differing; drawing apart; deviating. 588. DIVERSE adj different; varied; not alike; dissimilar. 589. DIVIDE v. to separate; disjoin; disunite; distribute 590. DIVULGE v. to make known; disclose; tell; reveal 591. DOCILE adj. submissive; tradable; easily managed 592. DOCTRINAIRE adj. inflexibly devoted to certain principles; dogmatic 593. DOCUMENT v. to support with written evidence or reference~ 594. DOCUMENT n. a written or official paper; written record 595. DOGMATIC adj. doctrinaire; over positive. 596. DOLEFUL adj. mournful; melancholy. 597. DOMESTIC adj. relating to home life or a country’s internal affair 598. DOMINANT adj. controlling; most powerful or important 599. DOMINEERING adj. overbearing; tyrannical; arrogant 600. DONATE v. to give as a gift; contribute; bestow. 601. DORMANT adj. inactive; temporarily quiescent; sleeping. 602. DOUBTFUL adj. questionable; unlikely; uncertain 603. DOZE v. to sleep lightly; nap; nod off 604. DRAMATIC adj. intensely interesting; striking; eventful 605. DREADFUL adj. horrible; frightfu1; terrible; shocking. 606. DREARY adj. gloomy; dismal; tedious; boring. 607. DRENCH v. to soak; saturate; wet thoroughly. 608. DROUGHT n. a long period without rain; a scarcity. 609. DROWSY adj. sleepy. 610. DUBIOUS adj. doubtful; questionable; undecided 611. DUMBFOUND v. to confuse; stun; surprise; amaze. 612. DUNGEON n. a dark underground cell; dark prison cell 613. DUPLICITY n. deception; hypocrisy. 614. DURABLE adj. long lasting; able to withstand wear. 615. DURATION n. the time during which something continues. 616. DURESS n. constraint by force or threat; coercion. 617. DUSK n. twilight; partial darkness. 618. DWINDLE v. to become less; decrease; diminish.
  23. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab C

    254. CAJOLE v. to coax, persuade using flattery. 255. CALAMITY n. a disaster; distress. 256. CALLOUS adj. hardened; insensitive; unfeeling. 257. CAMOUFLAGE n. a means of concealing; a disguise. 258. CANCEL v. to nullify; erase; annul; make invalid 259. CAPITULATE v. to surrender; give up. 260. CAPTIVATE v. to fascinate; charm; enrapture. 261. CAPTIVE n. a prisoner; one who is captured 262. CARCASS n. the dead body of an animal; lifeless remains. 263. CAREFREE adj. without worry or responsibilities; untroubled 264. CARELESS adj. not careful; negligent; inattentive; reckless; heedless. 265. CARESS v. to touch affectionately; stroke tenderly. 266. CARICATURE n. an exaggerated representation; comic depiction 267. CARNAGE n. massacre; massive slaughter. 268. CARVE v. to cut; slice; divide 269. CASTIGATE v. to punish; chastise; severely criticize. 270. CATACLYSM n. a violent upheaval; disaster; catastrophe. 271. CATASTROPHE n. a disaster; calamity; cataclysm 272. CAUTIOUS adj. careful; showing caution; wary. 273. CEASE v. to stop; discontinue; come to an end 274. CELEBRATE v. to observe with a ceremony; rejoice; praise. 275. CENSURE v. to criticize severely. 276. CENTURY n. a period of one hundred years. 277. CESSATION n. discontinuance; stopping. 278. CHAGRIN n. embarrassment; disappointment 279. CHANCE n. an accident; risk; opportunity; unexpected event; hazard 280. CHAOS n. complete confusion; disorder. 281. CHARLATAN n. an impostor; quack. 282. CHART v. to make a map of; plan in detail; record 283. CHASM n. a deep crack; gap; abyss; wide divergence; gorge 284. CHASTE adj. morally pure; decen4 virtuous; unadorned 285. CHASTISE v. to punish; severely criticize. 286. CHILLY adj. cold; shivering; distant; unfriendly. 287. CHORE n. a minor job; unpleasant duty; routine task 288. CHRONIC adj. continual; constant; prolonged 289. CHUCKLE v. to laugh softly; cluck with amusement 290. CIRCUMSPECT adj. watchful; prudent; careful 291. CIRCUMVENT v. to avoid; outwit. 292. CITE v. to quote; refer to; mention; use as support 293. CIVILITY n. politeness. 294. CLAMOROUS adj. noisy; loud; boisterous. 295. CLANDESTINE adj. secret; covert 296. CLAP v. to strike hands together; to applaud 297. CLARITY n. dearness; lucidity. 298. CLEMENCY n leniency; mercy; mildness. 299 CLEVER adj. skillful; ingenious; mentally quick; shrewd; adroit 300. CLUMSY adj. awkward; blundering; lacking grace; inept; unwieldy. 301. CLUTITERED adj. messy; disorderly; confused 302. COERCE v. to force; compel; threaten. 303- COGENT adj. convincing; persuasive. 304. COGNIZANCE n. awareness. 305. COLLAPSE v. to fail apart; break down; fail; fold 306. COLLEAGUE n. a professional associate; co-worker 307. COLLIDE v. to come together violently; dash; conflict 308. COLLISION n. a violent confrontation; crash; conflict 309. COLLOQUIUM n. an informal meeting; discussion; seminar. 310. COLOSSAL adj. huge; gigantic; very large. 311. COMBINATION n. a compound; mixture; aggregate 312. COMICAL adj. funny; amusing. 313. COMMENCE v. to begin; come into existence. 314. COMMEND v. to praise; recommend; entrust 315. COMMENSURATE adj. corresponding; of equal size 316. COMMITMENT n. a pledge; obligation; contract; bond 317. COMMODITY n. an article of trade; product usefu1 thing. 318. COMMOTION n. noisy confusion; agitation; unrest 319. COMPASSION n. a feeling of sympathy; mercy; pity. 320. COMPETENT adj. capable; well-qualified; suitable 321. COMPETITION n. a rivalry; match; contest 322. COMPLACENT adj. self-satisfied; content 323. COMPLIANT adj. yielding; obedient 324. COMPLICATED adj. complex, intricate; confusing. 325. COMPLICITY n. involved as an accomplice. 326. COMPLIMENT n. an expression of praise or admiration. 327. COMPREHENSIVE adj. including everything; large in scope; inclusive. 328. COMPULSORY adj. obligatory; required; compelling. 329. CONCEAL v. to hide; keep undercover or secret 330. CONCEDE v. to acknowledge; admit; yield 331. CONCEITED adj. vain; having too high of an opinion of oneself 332. CONCENTRATE v. to bring together; focus in on; condense 333. CONCILIATE v. to placate; soothe; pacify. 334. CONCISE adj. short and to the point; succinct; brief 335. CONCOCT v. to make something; devise; contrive; cook up. 336. CONCORD n. harmony; agreement 337. CONCRETE adj. real; solid; particular; made of cement. 338. CONCUR v. to agree; coincide 339. CONDEMN v. to criticize; doom sentence; declare unfit; denounce 340. CONDENSE v. to make compact; compress; reduce; abridge 341. CONDESCEND v. to patronize; act with an air of superiority 342. CONDOLENCE n. expression of sympathy. 343. CONDONE v. to forgive; overlook. 344. CONFIDE v. to entrust; reveal privately; tell secretly. 345. CONFIDENT n. self-assured; bold; certain. 346. CONFINE v. to restrict; imprison; keep indoors; fettered 347. CONFIRM v. to make firmer; corroborate; verify; strengthen; ratify. 348. CONFISCATE v. to take away or seize something; to appropriate 349. CONFORM v. to adapt; harmonize; comply; make similar. 350. CONFOUND v. to confuse; to puzzle 351. CONFRONT v. to bring face to face; challenge; meet head on 352. CONFUSION n. disorder; bewilderment; distraction; jumble; perplexity. 353. CONGEAL v. to solidify coagulate; thicken. 354. CONGENIAL adj. agreeable; friendly. 355. CONGESTED adj. overcrowded; overfilled; clogged 356. CONGRATULATE v. to acknowledge someone’s achievement 357. CONJECTURE v. to infer; guess 358. CONJUNCTION n. a connection; union; the act of joining 359. CONNOISSEUR n. a knowledgeable appreciator of the arts 360. CONSCIENTIOUS adj. scrupulous; careful; thorough. 361. CONSECRATE v. to make sacred; dedicate to some service; sanctify 362. CONSECUTIVE adj. following successively; in a sequence. 363. CONSENSUS n. general agreement in opinion 364. CONSEQUENTIAL adj. important; following as a result 365. CONSIDERABLE adj. important; notable; fairly large. 366. CONSIDERATE adj. thoughtful of others’ heeds; respectful 367. CONSIGN v. to entrust; assign; set apart 368. CONSOLE v. to comfort or cheer up someone sorrowful 369. CONSOLIDATE v. to make firm; solidify; merge; strengthen, unite. 370. CONSPIRACY n. an illegal plot; treacherous plan; collusion. 371. CONSTANT adj. regularly occurring; persistent faithful; chronic. 372. CONSTRUCTIVE adj. beneficial to progress; helpful; building. 373. CONSUME v. to eat or drink; ingest; use up; destroy 374. CONSUMMATE adj. complete; supremely accomplished 375. CONTAGIOUS adj. able to spread; communicable; hard to resist 376. CONTAMINATE v. to make impure by mixing; to taint; po11ute 377. CONTEMPLATE v. to consider thoughtfully; ponder; meditate on; envisage. 378. CONTEMPORARY adj. from flee same tune or period; current; modern. 379. CONTEND v. to compete; strive; assert 380. CONTENTION n. an assertion; a dispute; controversy; struggle. 381. CONTENTIOUS adj. quarrelsome 382. CONTINGENT adj. possible; conditional; accidental. 383. CONTRACT n. a formal or legal agreement 384. CONTRACT v. to make smaller; condense; shrink; acquire 385. CONTRADICT v. to assert the opposite; be contrary to; deny; refute. 386. CONTRARY adj. opposed; different; conflicting; perverse. 387. CONTRIBUTE v. to give; add to; supply; make a gift to charity. 388. CONTRITE adj. repentant; humbly penitent 389. CONTROVERSIAL adj. marked by differing opinions or debate 390. CONVENE v. to assemble; gather for a meeting. 391. CONVENTION n. an assembly; formal meeting; custom. 392. CONVENTIONAL adj. customary; ordinary; conforming to norms. 393. CONVERGE v. to come together; intersect. 394. CONVERSION n. a change; the act of converting; a turn around 395. CONVEY v. to transport; transmit; communicate; impart 396. CONVINCING adj. persuasive; believable. 397. COOPERATE v. to work together; proceed jointly. 398. COPE v. to overcome; contend; struggle successfully 399. COPIOUS adj. abundant; plentiful 400. CORDIAL adj. friendly; gracious. 401. CORE n. the center; innermost part; essence; heart 402. CORPULENT adj. fat 403. CORRELATION n. statistical correspondence; interdependence 404. CORROBORATE v. to confirm; verify. 405. COUNTENANCE n. appearance; approval; composure. 406. COVERT adj. secret; hidden; concealed; covered 407. COVET v. to desire something; wish for; crave 408. COWARD n. one who lacks courage 409. COZY adj. comfortable; warm and inviting; snug. 410. CRANKY adj. irritable; grumpy; hard to please 411. CRAVE v. to long for; desire; need; covet 412. CREDIBLE adj. believable; reliable. 413. CREDITABLE adj. deserving praise; commendable 414. CREDULITY n. gullibility; readiness to believe. 415. CREED n. statement of principles or religious beliefs. 416. CRITERIA n. standards for judging 417. CRITICAL adj. inclined to judge harshly; crucial; serious. 418. CRITIQUE n. a critical review; an evaluation 419. CRONY n. an old friend 420. CRUCIAL adj. decisive; extremely important; critical 421. CRUDE adj. unrefined; raw; lacking tact; blunt 422. CRUEL adj. vicious; pitiless; causing suffering or pain 423. CRUISE n. a recreational ocean trip. 424. CRUMBLE v. to break into small pieces; decay; disintegrate. 425. CRUTCH n. a support for walking; anything used for support 426. CRYPTIC adj. hidden; secret; concealed; ambiguous. 427. CULMINATE v. to reach the highest point; climax 428. CULPABLE adj. responsible for an error; blameworthy. 429. CULTIVATE v. to prepare for crops; promote growth; nurture. 430. CULTURED adj. refined; well bred; urbane. 431. CURE v. to heal; remedy; restore to health. 432. CURIOUS adj. interested in information; inquisitive; strange. 433. CURSE v. to damn; call evil upon; swear at. 434. CURSORY adj. hasty; superficial 435. CURT adj. abrupt; concise; rudely brief; short 436. CURTAIL v. to cut short; stop; deprive oft lessen. 437. CYNICAL adj. distrustful of human motives; mocking; sarcastic.
  24. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab B

    192. BACKWARD .adj. turned toward the back; reversed; out of date. 193. BADGER v. to harass; pester; heckle. 194. BAFFLE v. to frustrate; impede; confuse; perplex 195. BAN v. to forbid; prohibit, censure; disallow. 196. BARAL adj. commonplace; drearily predictable. 197. BANQUET n. a ceremonial dinner; elaborate feast. 198. BARBARITY n. cruelty; brutality; crudeness; coarseness. 199. BARRICADE n. a barrier; obstruction; mock; bulwark 200. BASE adj. low an rank; inferior; mean. 201. BASHFUL adj. shy; self-conscious; diffident. 202. BECKON v. to signal to come forward; attract; entice. 203. BEFRIEND v. to act as a friend; to assist; aid 204. BEGUILE v. to delude; amuse. 205. BEHAVIOR n. how one acts; demeanor; deportment. 206. BELATED adj. coming late; tardy. 207. BELITTLE v. to make lower or unimportant; demean. 208. BELLICOSE adj. warlike; pugnacious 209. BELLIGERENT adj. quarrelsome; bellicose; at war. 210. BELLOW n. loud utterance or noise; a roar; shout. 211. BELONGINGS n. personal possessions; things you own; effects 212. BEMUSED adj. engrossed; lost in thought; confused 213. BENEFICIAL adj. advantageous; profitable; helpful 214. BENEFICIARY n. one who receives a benefit; a recipient 215. BENEVOLENT adj. kindly; generous; charitable. 216. BENIGN adj. favorable; gentle; kind 217. BEQUEATH v. to hand down; bestow in a will 218. BERATE v. rebuke; scold 219. BESTIAL adj. savage; brutal 220. BESTOW v. to give; confer upon. 221 BEVERAGE n. a drink; any drinkable liquid 222. BEWILDER v. to confuse; perplex, puzzle 223. BICKER v. to squabble; argue; quarrel 224. BIOGRAPHY n. the life history of a person. 225. BITTER adj. unpleasant tasting; harsh; disagreeable; cruel; acrimonious. 226. BLAME v. to charge with a fault; assign responsibility. 227. BLASPHEMY n. a profanity; irreverent remark~ 228. BLATANT adj. offensively loud; conspicuous; obvious. 229 BLEAK adj. desolate; barren; cold and harsh; dreary 230. BLEND v. to mix; combine together; unite. 231. BLIZZARD n. a heavy and violent snowstorm 232. BLOCK v. to obstruct; stop; impede 233. BLUNDER n. a stupid mistake; foolish act 234. BLUSH v. to turn red from embarrassment or modesty. 235. BOGUS adj. fake; counterfeit 236. BOLSTER v. to support; prop up; reinforce. 237. BORDER n. a boundary; dividing line; edge. 238. BOULDER n. a large stone 239. BOUNDARY n. a border; limit; dividing line. 240. BRAWL n. alight; noisy quarrel; fracas. 241. BREATHTAKING adj. inspiring awe; exciting; astonishing. 242. BREVITY n. briefness; conciseness; shortness. 243. BRIBE n something given illegally for a favor. 244. BRISK adj. quick; lively; energetic; invigorating. 245. BRITTLE adj fragile; easily broken; crisp. 246. BROCHURE n. a pamphlet; booklet 247. BRUSQUE adj. abrupt 248. BRUTAL adj. crud; harsh; crude; bestial 249. BUDGET n. an assignment of expenses; a monetary plan 250. BUFFOON n. clown; jester. 251. BULLY n. one who intimidates the less powerful 252. BURLY adj. big and muscular; husky; brawny; strong. 253. BUSTLING adj. busy; energetic; full of commotion and activity.
  25. jasmine

    TOEFL Vocab A

    1. ABANDON v. to give up something; desert; forsake. 2. ABASE v. to humiliate; degrade; lower. 3. ABATE v. to lessen subside; decrease. 4. ABDICATE v. to give up power; relinquish responsibility. 5. ABET v. to encourage a crone; to incite. 6. ABHOR v. to hate; loathe; detest; shun 7. ABHORRENT adj. disgusting; repugnant; repellent 8. ABILITY n. the capacity to do something; skill; competence. 9. ABJECT adj. wretched; miserable; base. 10. ABRIDGE v. to condense; shorten. 11. ABRUPT adj unexpectedly sudden; discontinuous; curt; brusque. 12. ABSOLUTE adj unlimited; perfect; not to be doubted 13. ABSOLVE v. to pardon; release from an obligation. 14. ABSORBED adj preoccupied; engrossed; assimilated. 1S. ABSTAIN v. to refrain from doing something; hold back 16. ABSTRACT adj theoretical; not concrete; non-representational 17. ABSURD adj. contrary to common sense; ridiculous; foolish; farcical 18. ABUNDANT adj. plentiful; more than sufficient; copious. 19. ABYSMAL adj. immeasurably deep or bad; extreme. 20. ABYSS n. a bottomless pit; immeasurable depth; chasm 21 ACCELERATE v. to speed up; cause to happen more quickly. 22 ACCENTUATE v. to emphasize; stress; accent 23. ACCESSIBLE adj. approachable; open to outsiders. 24. ACCESSORY n. a supplement; added part; aider of a crime. 25. ACCIDENTAL adj. occurring unexpectedly or by chance. 26. ACCLAIM v. to applaud; proclaim with app royal; praise 27. ACCOMMODATION n. an adaptation; compromise; lodging. 28. ACCOMPLICE n. a partner in a crime; an accessory. 29. ACCOUNTABLE adj. answerable; responsible; liable. 30. ACCUMULATE v. to coiled; amass; increase in amount 31. ACCURATE adj. correct; true 32. ACKNOWLEDGE v to admit the truth of; recognize; certify. 33. ACQUAINTANCE n. someone known slightly; personal knowledge 34. ACQUIESCE v. to passively comply; consent; submit 35. ACROBATICS n. gymnastics; tumbling; a show of agility~ 36. ACRONYM n. a word formed from the initial letters of a name. 37. ACTIVITY n. movement; an event or function~ 38. ACUTE adj perceptive; sharp. 39. ADAMANT adj unyielding; inflexible; firm 40. ADAPTATION n. an alteration; change; adjustment; modification 41. ADDITIONAL adj. added; extra; supplemental 42. ADEPT adj highly skilled; proficient; capable. 43. ADEQUATE adj. sufficient; suitable; barely satisfactory. 44. ADJACENT adj. close to; next to; adjoining. 45. ADJUSTABLE adj. adaptable; conformable; moveable. 46. ADMINISTER v. to direct; manage; be in charge of 47. ADMIRE v. to esteem; respect; approve. 48. ADMONISH v. to counsel against; wane; caution; reprove. 49. ADOPT v. to take in a child or idea as one’s own. 50. ADORE v. to revere; worship; love. 51. ADROIT adj. skillful; dexterous; adept 52. ADULATION n. excessive praise. 53. ADVENTURESOME adj. inclined to take risks; daring. 54. ADVERSARY n. opponent; enemy. 55. ADVISORY adj. consultative; giving advice. 56. ADVOCATE v. to recommend; support; plead in favor of 57. AESTHETIC/ESTHETIC adj. concerning beauty or taste; artistic. 58. AFFINITY n. attraction; kinship. 59. AFFLICT v. to torment; cause to suffer; distress. 60. AFFLICTION n. pain; suffering; a cause of suffering or distress. 61. AFFLUENT adj. wealthy; rich; opulent; abundant 62. AFFRONT n. an insult 63. AGGRANDIZE v. to enlarge 64. AGGRAVATE v. to make worse; annoy; intensify 65. AGGREGATE n. an assemblage; total amount 66. AGORESSIVE adj. hostile; vigorous; assertive; militant. 67. AGILITY n. nimbleness; quickness 68. AGITATE v. to excite; arouse interest in; upset 69. AGRARIAN adj. pertaining to the land; agricultural; rural 70. AGREEABLE adj. pleasing; comfortable; consenting; amiable 71. AILMENT n. an illness; a physical or menial disorder. 72. AJAR adj. partly open; not harmonious 73. AKIN adj. related; similar; analogous 74. ALERT adj. attentive; watchful; mentally responsive. 75. ALIEN adj. foreign; different; strange. 76. ALIENATE v. to turn away from, estrange; repel; make unfriendly. 77. ALLAY v. to calm reduce the intensity of 78. ALLEVIATE v. to relieve; lessen. 79. ALLOCATE v. to apportion; assign; set aside 8O. ALLOWANCE n. an allotment or provision; margin; acceptance 81. ALLUDE v. to refer to indirectly. 82. ALLURING adj. enticing; tempting; charming. 83. ALOOF adj. reserved; indifferent; distant 84. ALTER v. to change; modify; adjust 85. ALTERCATION n. noisy quarrel; vehement dispute. 86. ALTERNATE v. to take turns or switch off interchange regularly. 87. ALTERNATIVE n. a choice; another possibility. 88. AMASS v. to collect; gather; accumulate. 89. AMATEUR n. a nonprofessiona1; unskilled person. 90. AMAZE v. to surprise; astonish; fill with wonder. 91. AMBIENCE/AMBIANCE n. surrounding atmosphere. 92. AMBIGUOUS adj. unclear; open to different interpretations; vague. 93. AMBITION n. desire for power or distinction; aspiration. 94. AMBIVALENCE n. having mixed feelings; indecision. 95. AMBLE v. to walk leisurely. 96. AMENABLE adj. tradable; submissive; obedient 97. AMICABLE adj. friendly. 98. AMNESIA n. loss of memory from injury or illness. 99. AMORPHOUS adj. shapeless~ 100. AMPLE adj. abundant; large; sufficient; plenty. 101. AMPLIFY v. to enlarge; make more important; exaggerate. 102. AMUSING adj. entertaining; pleasing; humorous; facetious. 103. ANALOGOUS adj. similar; corresponding; comparable. 104. ANARCHY n. absence of government 105. ANCESTOR n. someone you are descended from, forefather. 106. ANCIENT adj. very old; existing long ago. 107. ANCILLARY adj. subordinate; auxiliary. 108. ANGUISH n. extreme pain; torment; regret 109. ANIMOSITY n. hatred; enmity 110. ANNEX v. to take control of 1ll. ANNOUNCE v. to proclaim, give notice of, declare. 112. ANOMALOUS adj. irregular; abnormal 113. ANTAGONISTIC adj. hostile; adverse; opposed 114. ANTECEDE v. logo before; precede. 115. ANTICIPATE v. to expect; foresee; realize ahead of time 116. ANTIQUATED adj. old-fashioned; outmoded. 117. ANTITHESIS n. direct opposite. 118. ANXIOUS adj. worried; uneasy; eager. 119. APATHY n. indifference; lack of emotion. 120. APERTURE n. an opening; orifice 121. APPALLING adj. horrifying; frightful; shocking. 122. APPEAL v. to request urgently; be attractive or interesting. 123. APPEASE v. to placate; soothe; pacify 124. APPEND v. to add as a supplement; attach. 125. APPLAUD v. to clap; express approval; praise. 126. APPOINTMENT n. a position or assignment; arranged meeting; rendezvous. 127. APPRAISAL n. an estimate of value; an evaluation, assessment 128. APPREHENSION n. dread; understanding. 129. APPRISE v. to inform 130. APPROPRIATE adj. suitable; proper; fitting. 131. APPROXIMATELY adv. nearly; almost; about 132. AQUEOUS adj. watery; formed by water. 133. ARBITRARY adj. determined by whim; despotic. 134. ARBITRATE v. to judge; decide a dispute. 135. ARCHAIC adj. no longer in use; antiquated 136. ARCHETYPE n. original model; prototype. 137. ARCHIVES n. repository for records; public records, historical documents. 138. ARDENT adj. intense; fervent; zealous; passionate& 139. ARDUOUS adj. strenuous; wearisome; difficult 140. ARGUMENTATIVE adj. disposed to agree; disputatious; contentious. 141. ARID .adj. dry; lacking moisture; lifeless; uninteresting. 142. AROMA n. a fragrance; agreeable odor. 143. AROUSE v. to excite; awaken; stimulate; provoke; kindle. 144. ARRANGE v. to put in order; settle; plan 145. ARREST v. to take to jail; to seize; stop; prevent 146. ARROGANT adj. overly proud; haughty. 147. ARTICLE n. a separate item; a non-fictional literary piece. 148. ARTICULATE adj. able to speak; dearly and distinctly expressed 149. ARTIST n. someone who creates art or beautiful things. 150. ASCENDANT adj. rising; dominant 151. ASCRIBE v. to attribute; assign. 152. ASHAMED adj. feeling guilt or shame 153. ASPIRATION n. ambition; desire; an ambitious goal; yearning. 154. ASSAULT v. to attack; abuse. 155. ASSEMBLE v. bring together; congregate; gather; fit together. 156. ASSENT v. to approve; concur; express agreement 157. ASSERT v. to declare; affirm; express oneself firmly. 158. ASSET n. something advantageous or valuable 159. ASSIMILATE v. to absorb; take in; incorporate; adapt. 160. ASSISTANT n. one that assist; a helper; aide. 161. ASSOCIATE v. to link together; join in a relationship. 162. ASSORTMENT n. a collection of varied things; diversified group. 163. ASSUAGE v. to ease; pacify; relieve; lessen; soothe. 164. ASSURE v. to give confidence to; convince; to make certain. 165. ASTOUND v. to astonish; amaze; surprise. 166. ASTRAY adv. away from the proper path; wrong. 167. ASTUTE adj. keen; shrewd 168. ATHEISM n. denial of the existence of God 169. ATMOSPHERE n. the air; the surrounding environment or mood 170. ATROPHY v. to waste away. 171. ATTEMPT v. to make an effort; try; undertake. 172. ARREST v. to affirm; to testify on behalf of 173. ATTRACTION n. something that attracts; charm; allure. 174. AUDACIOUS adj. bold reckless 175. AUDIBLE adj capable of being heard 176. AUDIENCE n. spectators; those who rea4 see or hear a work. 177. AUGMENT v. to increase; make larger. 178. AUGUST adj. awe inspiring; imposing. 179. AUSTERE adj. severe; morally strict; simple and unadorned. 180. AUTHORIZE v. to give legal power; to approve; sanction 181. AUTOCRAT n. domineering person; despot 182. AUTOMATIC adj. following naturally; habitual; self-moving 183. AUTONOMOUS adj. independent; self-contained; self-governing. 184. AVARICE n. greed; cupidity. 185. AVERSION n. intense dislike; repulsion. 186. AVID adj. eager; enthusiastic 187. AVOW v. to confess; declare openly. 188. AWE n. wonder or admiration mixed with fear. 189. AWFUL adj. extremely bad or unpleasant; terrible; appalling. 190. AWKWARD adj. clumsy; ungraceful; embarrassing. 191. AXIOM n. maxim; universal truth
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