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  1. MSc in Economic History is not run by the Economics department, so I do not exactly know that are the options for phd in economics at the LSE.
  2. Do you think that you can be a good researcher? Also, a good researcher loves his subject, waiting another year before starting working on your own serious research should count. Plus, you will have to wait another year for EME effect kick in, unless you are happy with your current references. But then, I do not see the point of doing EME...
  3. i do not know. I like the program, but it's quite expensive, especially after paying this year for LSE. Do you know about any information source about financial options for international students? I knowthat some banks require a residen co-signature, etc... thx
  4. I sent an email on Monday asking, yesterday i got reply"
  5. II was trying to find that email, but I somehow I cannot locate it. But I recall (and I was talking about it with other people) that there were two ways of getting to MRes, either 2x over 70, 2x over 60 AND 280 in total or 3xover 70 and 1x over 50 but then there is another mail conforming to taught master guidlines...
  6. hey guys, check the mail from Barton (sometime in January if I recall it correctly), suggesting you need 280 in total to get distinction. The distinction criteria are quite confusing and seem to be changing in time...
  7. someone just started with extended essay, huh? :)
  8. Institution: NYU Program: Economics PhD Decision: Rejected Notification date: 3/26 Notified through: E-mail
  9. I am not EME student, I am in econ program. But I hang out with some EME people sometimes ;) The size of the program is about twenty people. About the benefit of LSE for applying... well, this year results are slightly dissapointing, not only for me.:( Problem with waiting one year is that without distinction it is not helpful much and with distinction, you can stay at LSE and finish your phd in say max 4 years. Waiting a year means that you delay your graduation for at least 2 years. I do not know whether it's worth it.
  10. As EME student you can even take econ optional courses. In this respect, EME is very flexible. From my experience, the options are much harder then the core courses.
  11. indeed, the time of waiting for offers is now over :)
  12. the same thing here...
  13. Institution: BU Program: Economics PhD Decision: Accepted Notification date: 3/17 Notified through: e-mail Funding:waitlisted
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