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  1. Just wondering how many scholarships they have, particular for the overseas student. Any info ?
  2. Same here, what I heard is that at this stage no one is funded, they will decide the funding later. The question is how soon they will make the decision considering the easter break and mid of April is approaching.
  3. Got the conditional offer from UCL MRes, but no word on funding, does anyone have any information about the funding ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Great, so just wait for decades, then we will know
  5. I got an interview 3 weeks ago by one prof at UCL, and did not get any information since then. Just wondering what happened ? Is this normal ? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi neneyuan, glad to you would go to UC3M, and I am also going to this MAE program. Can I have your QQ account? I'm pretty sure you can guess where I come from :distracted:
  7. Hi all I have got my AD from BGSE in Econ, and prepared to apply for the Tilburg CentER Mphil program, but I am not so sure about which one is better in the field of economics in terms of opportunity to persue a PhD in U.S future
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