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  1. They do have a good record of placing students in academic economics jobs though.
  2. I'm interested in doing theory and choosing between a few schools: Cornell, Rochester, UCSD, Caltech. It seems like Cornell has some people ( e.g. Larry Blume and David Easley) doing stuff on CS-Econ, algorithmic game theory, and networks. I don't know much about that stuff but I was told they are hot topics. Are those actually hot topics or are they just saying that?
  3. Institution: Wisconsin- Madison Program: PhD in Economics Decision: Accepted Funding: 20K TA-ship Notification date: 2/15/17 Notified via: Unofficial email
  4. Institution: Minnesota Twin Cities Program: PhD Economics Decision: Admitted Funding: 5 years 17.5K (must TA) plus 5k for first year Notification date: Feb/7/2017 Notified via phone, snail mail, or email: email
  5. I have applied to a bunch of econ PhD programs in the 1-35 range and a couple masters programs. I would like to be considered for need-based financial aid if that exists. Does such aid exist? Should I be submitting FAFSA or some other forms to apply for this? Or is all aid merit-based and such that I will be automatically considered given my regular application to the school?
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